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    HEY! Hi to everyone reading this first off, I hope I can be interesting enough to entertain for a couple of minutes here lol

    Well I was born on September 12, 1981, in Flat Rock MI near Detroit. Well when I was 4 years old my family moved from Flat Rock to Bay City, MI. It is a medium size town but has al lot of beautiful parks and is right on the Saginaw Bay. My family live right on the water now and I love it early in the morning when I can go out side and sit on the beach and watch the sun raise from the east. It is one thing I can never get tired of seeing. Living here also means I can see all the stars out at night and that is to die for.

    People tend to say I am "one of a kind girl" lol. I get called this because I try to be different from a lot of my friends, I do not always wear what is popular. You can call me strange but I who only say thanks. I also love to laugh, if I went though on day not saying lol or actually laughing out loud I would drop dead I think.

    Below is a table with some more of my favorite things to eat and do. Hint Hint someone please take me to see Spiderman pleaseeeee. lol