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Must See Sites

Drudge Report--
I must visit web site, they seem even more sneaker than me, they also are always on top of the latest new

Jayski's NASCAR Silly Season Site--
Very good site always up to date on all the NASCAR news. A great friend of mine should me this site and now I go there at least once a day.
This is the best personal web cam site I have ever been to. Not only is the guy who is running it a cutie but he is also just a great guy to get to know. Check him out

Some Other Great Sites
You can always tell when I webmaster has put a lot of work in to there site, this is a great example of one. Here is what they have to say about there site. "This site is unusual, in that we don't have any set Cam Operator.  Originally this was Isaac's site, and he was the only person who appeared on cam. Currently we have several guys who appear on the site at their leisure.  In this way we have kept the site up, and of interest to the thousands of people who come here everyday." There are 2 Free Cams, and 3 "Gold Cams" these you have to pay a membership fee to see.