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Welcome to the new Clare County Cleaver Website!!
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  Welcome to the Clare County Cleaver Website. In the following months this site will be constructed and finished with our reader's best interests in mind. We will strive to construct a site that will add convenience for our readers.

For example to the left of the page you will notice various links that are under heavy construction. To give you a quick overview of what's to come:

  • Weekly Headlines; will be a section for the current week's headlines that will be featured in the paper. Pictures and other various items may also represent what articles may appear in the weekly edition of the Clare County Cleaver. But to read the full stories of course, you'll need to get yourself a paper.

  • Community Calendar; this section will be a Calendar for things happening in the Clare County area, organizations and local businesses as well as local groups, may write in or contact us to have their events listed on this Calendar, or even links can be placed on the Calendar so our readers can go to a website for the event if such one exists.

  • Classifieds; this section is pretty self explanatory. All the Classifieds that are printed in each weekly edition of our newspaper will also be posted right here on our website adding a further step forward as your advertisement will reach even more readers.

  • Subscriptions; will be a form page where readers can either renew their current subscriptions or begin one. All information collected is of course confidential and will not be given out to any third parties.

  • The Print Shop; will be an entire section devoted to the other part of our business and services that we offer here at the Clare County Cleaver. As most of you know we aren't just a newspaper, we also are a print shop with the lowest prices currently available.

  • Harrison History; will pretty much be the same as it is in our paper each week with the exception it might be slighty more in depth and include old photos or such.

  • Submit News; will be a form page where our readers, local groups, or anyone else may submit news articles or stories that might be printed in a coming edition of the paper. All content of course will need the editor's approval first before it goes to print.

Much more will come as well as the site is finished. Stay tuned...but in the meantime you may email us with any suggestions or comments about the website. Tell us what you might want to see on here and we'll see what unfolds as the site construction continues.

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