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Some Online Craft Groups That I Belong To:

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Hooks and More!:
  • Angelika's Yarn Store:
    I ordered a hard-to-find crochet hook from this site and have NO complaints about my order/purchase. It was delivered promptly and without any problems.
  • Annie's Attic:
  • Aunt Mary's Yarns:
    This online store is now closed as the owners have retired.
  • Beam & Read Plus Magnifiers:
    For those who don't already know, this is a battery-operated light and the Plus Version comes with 3 - 4"x5" magnifiers in 2x, 4x, and 6x. The light hangs from an adjustable neck strap to keep your hands free while reading, writing, doing craft work, etc.
    In Aug. 2003, I purchased a Beam & Read (BNR) Plus Magnifiers from an eBay seller but wanted to get some additional replacement bulbs for it along with either an AC or DC adapter (or both! *L*).
    This site is the only one I found that offers the correct bulbs along with adapters for it. FYI, I did try checking local hardware stores as well as Radio Shack but was unable to find the Ektron bulbs 4.8 volt any place else. (They also sell the Beam & Lights in different types/styles but I purchased mine for less than $10 via eBay.) They have a $10 minimum order requirement. As of Sept. 23, 2003, the replacement bulbs that I ordered come in a pack of 3 and sell for $3 + $4 s/h; and an 120 volt AC or 12 volt DC auto adapter sells for $10 each + $4 s/h.
    If the above URL does not work, you may want to try this one:
    Otherwise, you may reach them via e-mail at or
    by fax: 516-868-6897 or toll-free 800-625-6897 or
    by telephone: 516-868-3918 or toll-free 800-771-3600.
  • Bob Rivers Show - Twisted Tunes:
    The one place to go if you need some laughs and enjoy listening to some "twisted tunes." I usually use their Twisted Tunes Radio to listen to a random selection of Twisted Tunes in their streaming radio player while I'm online. It's good and it's FREE!
    Go to this site if you want to find the best price on books as well as for other things (such as computer/electronics, email, rare book, movie, music, video game, credit card). I've used this site more than once and found some wonderful deals available for certain craft books that I wanted. It's bound to save you time and money for searching and it does it for FREE!
  • Celtic Swan Forge:
    Molly and John Swan Sheeran started Celtic Swan Forge in 1981 and have specialized in tools for fiber artists. They do accept commissions. Be sure to visit their site to see a display of some of their beautiful work. According to their web site, they design, hand hammer, hand finish and sign each tool themselves. They hot forge Bronze, Sterling Silver and 14kt. Gold in the same way as a blacksmith forges iron and finish each tool to a mirror shine so the yarn glides easily across it.
  • City Knitting:
    A great yarn store that I like to visit whenever I'm in (or close to) Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Clever Ewe:
    Another yarn store that I like to visit whenever I'm in (or close to) Ada, MI.
  • Coats & Clark web site:
    According to their web site, they are "America's number #1 name in sewing and needlecraft products. Coats & Clark offers a full range of products for sewing and quilting, knitting and crochet, machine and hand embroidery and latch hook kits." They carry the Red Heart and TLC labels for yarn. Be sure to check their yarn summary chart if you are looking for information about their yarns in skein weight and/or length.
  • Collections Etc.:
    I love to visit this web site and have ordered more than 1 tote (as well as other items) from them. *S*
  • Country Needleworks:
    Another great yarn store that I like to visit whenever I'm in (or close to) Jenison, MI.
  • Crochenit Creations by Mary Middleton: OR
    Mary Middleton's site for the CrochenitTM needle/hook along with instructions and patterns for it.
  • Gourmet Crochet:
    The official web site for Carolyn Christmas Designs, creator of Easy TunisianTM. You can order the Easy Tunisian Crochet Hooks and pattern books from her site. I love her patterns for a How to Make a Crochet Nappy Cake and a Hook Caddy.
  • Herrschners:
  • Hobby Lobby:
    One of my favorite craft stores to visit. You can order from their online catalog here.
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts:
    If you are looking for an absolutely wonderful yarn tote, then this is the best place to go! I love this tote and have bought more than 1 of them because I like it so much! It's called "Jo-Ann Craft Essentials Rolling Yarn Tote" and currently available in Black as of 18 Nov. 2007.
    The description for it reads, "Get all your yarn organized in this easy to transport rolling yarn tote! Features include sturdy construction, telescoping handle, zippered pockets for knitting needles and crochet hooks and clear plastic pockets to fit knitting accessories. Holds several skeins of yarn plus room to fit projects you are working on. Supplies sold separately!" It measures 14½" H x 10" W x 12" D.
    This tote definitely lives up to its description and if you can only afford to buy one tote, then I would definitely recommend getting this one! *S* I would recommend waiting for it to either be on sale or use one of the discount coupons that gives out every so often. If you have patience and time things just right, you may just get lucky enough to get it on sale ($29.99 which is $20 off the regular price) with free shipping with any purchase over $25!
    And before anyone asks....nope, I'm not being paid for saying any of the above or getting any kind of renumeration for it either, I'm just a happy satisfied customer - at least when it comes to the purchase/use of this particular tote bag. *S*
  • Knit
    I placed a few orders by phone with this store in April and May 2008 and so far I have received fast, friendly service. My orders were for the following items: Flat Flower Pins, Space Board, & Chart Keeper. FYI - You can get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!* (*Available in contiguous US states only.)
  • Lacis:
  • Martin's Yarns:
    Or you can try this link for their site:
    Another web site for yarn recommended by some people in the MoEZ Crochet group who say they have great service. *S* They are located in Pelham, Ga. and their business site is at the Albany Flea Market located at 1540 N. Washington St. in Albany, Ga.
  • Mary Maxim:
    I got my first Creative Gear Yarn Tote here and at a reasonable price in April, 2003 and love it! *S* I just wish they had offered it in a bigger size, too! *LOL*
  • Michael's:
  • MoEZ Afghan Crochet Hooks:
    The only place to order/buy MoEZ hooks. According to most if not all of the proud owners of these hooks, you need to try them once and you will be hooked on them! *S*
  • The Needlepoint Joint:
    In Jan. 2003, I finally ordered the Bryson EZ bobbins that they have at this site and I do like using them. I have them in all the sizes and they are very handy/useful especially if you are doing a lot of color changes in a crocheting or knitting project. You can find the bobbins under Knitting Notions at their web site if you're interested in ordering some yourself. Depending on what I am making/doing with yarn, I tend to use a mixture of bobbins. *L* But I do recommend the large Bryson EZ Bobbins if you have large areas of different colors as they hold a lot more yarn than any other bobbin that I have found so far. *S* I placed my order over the phone and they were very friendly and helpful. Delivery was excellent along with the packaging.
    Psst! This is also the best place/price that I have found for these bobbins so far!
    Small: pack of 10 - $3.50; Medium: pack of 8 - $3.50; Large: pack of 4 - $4.00
    (Above prices do NOT include s/h as that depends on your total order amount.)
    Another good place to look for good deals on craft/pattern books, believe it or not! *S* Watch for the sales and/or discounts. Sometimes they even offer free shipping or a discount on shipping but I do recommend making sure books are included in the sale/discount before purchasing!
  • Pattern works:
  • Rae's Yarn Boutique:
    Another yarn store that I like to visit that is located in Lansing, MI.
  • Smiley's Yarns:
    There has been more than 1 person from the MoEZ Crochet group at Yahoo who recommends this web site if you're looking for yarn and good service. *S* I haven't tried them as of yet but may sometime in the future. Minimum order requirement is $30 of merchandise.
  • Software para Punto de cruz:
    A list of software for cross-stitching with links to the individual software web sites.
  • ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio:
    Another yarn store that I like to visit in Lansing, MI.
  • Thrifty Yarns LLC:
    Visit Thrifty Yarns LLC's eBay store for some great deals on yarns, hooks, knitting needles and more. Her eBay ID is bsspa. In March 2007, I purchased a complete set of Clover's new Crochet Lite crochet hooks from this seller on eBay at a good price/deal - $6.95 each (suggested retail price is $7.95) plus s/h. She does combine s/h for multiple purchases/auctions unlike some eBay sellers.She is a very nice person to deal with. *S* BTW - If you do purchase anything from this seller, please let her know that I (Cheryl/Cinnaminn) sent you. (FYI - ThUD - I'm not getting anything from this seller for this "promo"/recommendation/link but it would be nice to know if/when someone makes a purchase from her store for the sake of curiousity if nothing else. *L*.)
  • Twin Birch Products:
    This is (or it was when I ordered) the manufacturer of my afghan hooks from the Needles! web site. The hooks are great! I love them! You can order directly from them with no minimum order. You can place an order with them online using PayPal or you can pay via checks or money orders as well as with Visa or Mastercard over the telephone. They are also willing to custom make certain items/specialty tools upon request.
  • Velona Needlecraft:
    I decided to treat myself to a second set of Sisters Bamboo Circular Needle Set when I found out that this site had them on sale in May 2008 for only $79.00 plus s/h. (Regular retail price for the set is $99!) I placed my order via e-mail & paid for it via PayPal and the service was fast and friendly. *S*
  • Yarn Forward Inc.:
    Another online site for ordering/buying yarn and there is NO minimum order per the web site. They appear to have all kinds of yarn available but I haven't tried them myself.
  • Yarn Lady:
    Sometimes I just have to wish for one of 2 things - either to live in CA close to this store or to have one close to me in MI! *L* Their online customer service is great! *S* I placed an order in Feb. 2006 for another hard-to-find crochet hook and, unfortunately to my dismay, Yarn Lady didn't have it in stock and couldn't get it for me either even though they definitely tried their best. I did get a substitute hook from them and was satisfied with my order/purchase.
  • Zim's Crafts:
    According to their site, "Zim's Crafts is a supplier of innovative craft products with 58 years of experience. We design, manufacture, import, wholesale and retail a wide range of unique decorative painting supplies, wood surfaces, dolls and doll making supplies and of course, our own scrapbooking and papercrafting product lines. We are strong suppliers of beads, beading supplies, yarns and knitting supplies, cross stitch and a wide range of needlecrafts. We ship daily to customers around the world and have been helping folks become more creative for over 58 years. We provide the help you require and the service you deserve." Their stores are located in Salt Lake City, Utah

This site is great because of the free giveaways each day:

Free Anti-Virus Scanning Online:
     With all the viruses and worms circulating, everyone should have antivirus software installed. Be sure to keep it updated because it's much better to be safe rather than sorry, especially with some of the nasty viruses/bugs that are out there!
     Here are some links to sites offering free anti-virus scanning online that you can use just to make sure your computer is safe and that your installed anti-virus program is doing its job. It never hurts to double-check things even if you already own/have an installed anti-virus program from McAfee or Symantec! As the old saying goes - "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

IF your computer is slowing down and/or crashing, you may have viruses.

Crochet Software: New!

  • New Hampshire Software, Inc. (NHSW):
    Has a software program that produces SymblCro to provide computer aided drafting of circular crochet patterns using symbols. It's free to download and is a functioning edition. Be sure to read all of their pages about the software to make sure it's compatible with your computer before installing.

Cross-stitch Software:

Knitting and Crocheting for Charity:

I support our troops! Do you?

Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing & More to Support Our Troops:

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