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     I thought I would include some photos of my more recent work on this page since I seem to keep filling up my Epson albums with most of the graphs that I have created. *L* It also gives me a chance to provide a little more information about my work and where I found the patterns for at least some of them. *S*
     All of the items displayed on this page are things that I myself have made. All photos displayed on this page were also taken by me unless otherwise noted.

FYI - Just click on any photo below to see a larger version of it in one of my Epson albums.

Handy Thread Holder Bag crocheted by Cheryl Handy Thread Holder: Completed 9 June 2007. Photo taken 10 June 2007. Pattern found on an archived pattern page through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.
My Comments: I loved the pattern & I do like the size of the completed bag. Unfortunately, it's still not quite the right size to easily hold the crochet thread for my current WIP. *LOL*
(6/13/07: FYI - It's getting better/easier to use for my spiral doily WIP as the "ball" of thread gets smaller.)
10 June 2007:
Spiral Doily WIP crocheted by Cheryl
1st circle:
done to row 22.

13 June 2007:

2nd photo of Spiral Doily WIP crocheted by Cheryl
1st circle:
done to row 30 & on row 31 when pic was taken.

19 June 2007:

3rd photo of Spiral Doily WIP crocheted by Cheryl
1st circle:
Have completed the 1st circle with 43 rows.

19 June 2007:

What is left of 1st ball of thread for 1st circle of Spiral Doily WIP crocheted by Cheryl
1st circle:
What's left on/of the 1st ball of thread after 1st circle completed.

19 June 2007:

4th photo of Spiral Doily WIP crocheted by Cheryl
2nd circle:
done to row 9 & on row 10 when pic was taken.

6 July 2007:

Cheryl's photo of completed Spiral Doily crocheted by Cheryl
Spiral Doily completed
3 July 2007.

Cheryl's photo of completed Spiral Doily crocheted by Cheryl
Another view of my completed spiral doily.
Spiral Doily: My WIP as of 9 June 2007. Diagrams for this doily/table runner pattern found online at a Russian site. I have used Google's Language Tools to help translate the page to English but, unfortunately, it's not a whole lot of help for the doily pattern itself. Thanks to a couple of online friends at Crochetville and MoEZ who have some friends who can read Russian, we managed to find out the pattern is called "Grandmother's Napkins" on the page instead of Google's "Uranium Napkins." *S*

Thank you for the translations, Maria, Melani R., and Sue C.! *hugs*

My Comments: This doily/table runner pattern has been creating quite a stir in more than one of my online craft groups lately. No one is quite sure where the original pattern for it came from although I know there are quite a few people (myself included!) who would love to have the original book/magazine it was in if it can ever be found/located. Supposedly, it is from Burda Crochet Fall 2000?!?!
     I am using a Susan Bates steel crochet hook U.S. size 7 (1.5mm) & sz. 10 crochet thread (DMC's Traditions Crochet Cotton art 145 Color - 5798 Delft Blue, 350 y/320 m, 2 oz/56 g) for making my version of the doily/table runner. (FYI - I purchased 3 balls of the thread and have already used almost 1 ball for making just the 1st circle from the 1st diagram. I started the 2nd circle with a new ball of thread to avoid having to join/add new thread while making the 2nd circle.)
     I did some more thinking about the pattern and after reviewing the bits and pieces of the translations for the page and taking another LONG look at the diagrams, I think I finally have figured out the pattern/page for it. *S* I don't want to say too much about what I figured out though for fear of jinxing myself and/or the pattern while it's a WIP! *LOL*
     FYI - I am in the process of writing down what I have done while making the doily but, for right now, it's only done as my notes which I finally am in the process of adding to my site.
     You will need to make 2 circles but, while making the 2nd circle, you join it as you go to the 1st circle. The 1st diagram is for a large version of the Spiral Doily/Table Runner. I have to agree with some other people at Crochetville who think the 2nd diagram is a separate piece that is meant to compliment the larger doily/table runner. The 3rd diagram is to show you how/where to join the 1st and 2nd circles together to make the doily/table runner.
     It's a fairly easy pattern to make once the diagram(s) are figured out. The stitches (US/American crochet terms/stitches) that I've used in my version are: chain stitch (ch), slip stitch (sl st), double crochet (dc).
     FYI - Granny Square at Crochetville completed a small spiral doily and hers measures about 13"x23". *S*

My WIP Status:
11 June 2007: Completed row 25 on the 1st of TWO "circles".
13 June 2007: Completed row 31 on the 1st of TWO "circles"
15 June 2007: Completed row 37 on the 1st of TWO "circles"
18 June 2007: Completed 43 rows on 1st "circle" and currently on row 5 for the 2nd "circle" - 12 38 more rows to go!
19 June 2007: Completed 9 rows on 2nd "circle"
20 June 2007: Completed 12 rows on 2nd "circle" - 31 more rows to go!
22-29 June 2007: On vacation with my family so not much crocheting done.
3 July 2007: Spiral Doily completed! Still have to weave in ends, wash, block, etc. and take pics! :)
4 July 2007: Started making another Spiral Doily using Coats & Clark Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread Color 0995 Ocean (variegated colors), 300 yards/274 m.
11 July 2007: Finally at row 41 for the 2nd doily I'm making in the Ocean color and realized that I do NOT have 2 more balls of the same MATCHING color. The ball I used was made in Hungary and the other 3 balls in my stash that I have were made in India and the colors definitely do NOT match. The balls made in India are lighter colors than the one made in Hungary.
10 Nov. 2007: With the help of some online friends, I have found/received some more matching balls to my first one. :) Unfortunately, my work has been keeping me too busy to get back to work on the doily. Also my oldest daughter and her husband are now expecting a new addition to their family and it's due 12 June 2008 so I'm keeping busy trying to make things for the new grandbaby-to-be whenever it arrives! It may be a long while before I can get back to finishing up the spiral doily.

(Solid Blue) Spiral Doily Progress - 1st Circle (43 rows): Completed 18 June 2007! (Solid Blue) Spiral Doily Progress - 2nd Circle (17 43 rows): Completed 3 July 2007!
(Variegated Blues) Spiral Doily Progress - 1st Circle (43 rows): Started 4 July 2007
41 rows completed as of 11 July 2007

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