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Cheryl's Crafts:
Knitting the Great American Aran Afghan (a.k.a. GAAA)
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     For my GAAA, I decided to use Plymouth's Encore Worsted yarn, a knitting worsted weight made in Turkey, 100 g (3½ oz) 200 yds per skein and is 75% acrylic, 25% wool. I chose it because it's machine washable/dryable. I am making it in color #256 and have already purchased 20 26 skeins of the yarn so I'm hoping that will be enough to make my GAAA. (On 29 May 2008, I purchased 6 additional skeins of the same yarn just to be on the safe side of things since I'm hoping/planning on making all 24 squares from the GAAA book and may include some additional squares. Now I have a total of 26 skeins of yarn meant for this particular afghan just to be on the safe side of things. *L*) I am also using my interchangeable circular knitting needles whenever/wherever possible.
     I also readily admit that I am NOT exactly looking forward to having to use some double-pointed knitting needles for some of the more complex squares since I am not a big fan of using more than 2 knitting needles at once. (It's been a long time since I last tried using dps so I'm going to have to learn how to use them all over again. *LOL*) I already know that my GAAA won't be done in a big hurry/rush to try to get the afghan done as quickly as possible either because of some of the work that is involved in making the afghan. There will be some new things that I will learn how to do in knitting - things that I've never done before so at times, it's going to be very challenging for me to do some of the work so I'm looking forward (as well as some dreading) to the education I'll be getting while making this afghan (dang dp needles anyways! *LOL*). I will be working on other projects so my GAAA progress may be slow at times due to one reason or another. So if my GAAA is done within the next 2 yrs, I think I will be happy/satisfied with that "timeline/deadline" as my goal. (Ummmmm, did I forget to say that I'm also not fond of sewing squares together?!?!? I'm happier knitting/crocheting things all in one piece and/or with as few seams as possible. *L*)

~*~ My GAAA Squares Progress Report ~*~
Photo coming soon! 1. Ann Strong (a.k.a. Pomegranate) Square: Completed 26 April 2008.
My Comments: I loved the pattern and it's rated in the book as one of the 5 easiest squares. I don't remember the exact date I started it but it didn't take too long to do once I got going on it. *S*
Ann Strong (Pomegranate) Square Progress: Completed 26 April 2008!
Photo coming soon! 2. Barbara McIntire Square: Started 27 April 2008 and completed 5 May 2008. *S*
My Comments: This square wasn't rated in the book.
Barbara McIntire Square Progress: Completed 5 May 2008!
Photo coming soon! 3. Barbara Selesnick Square: Started 5 May 2008 and completed 9 May 2008. *S*
My Comments: Another one of the 5 easiest squares according to the book.
Barbara Selesnick Square Progress: Completed 9 May 2008!
Photo coming soon! 4. Hanna Burns (a.k.a. DNA) Square: Started 10 May 2008 and completed 15 May 2008. *S*
My Comments: Rated as one of the 5 easiest squares in the book. I finally managed to get the square done after frogging it more than once due to some stupid errors I made when I first started it. Things went a lot better for me once I made a spreadsheet in Excel to use for it and split up Chart B into 2 separate charts since the pattern calls for you to start on row 1 as well as on row 17 for Chart B in the same row. For this square, I did use Lana's (a.k.a. on Ravelry as named4wool) suggestion from her blog to replace the left twist in Row 29 with a right twist so the strands spiral instead of rotating. Thank you for the idea/suggestion, Lana! *S*
Hanna Burns (a.k.a. DNA) Square Progress: Completed 15 May 2008!
Photo coming soon! 5. Ann McCauley (a.k.a. the Bobbledy Aran) Square: Started 15 May 2008 and completed 26 May 2008. *S*
My Comments: Another square not rated in the book. This one seemed to take me forever to do probably because I'm not fond of making bobbles but mostly because I got busy with my job so didn't have much time to knit. :( (And yes, I still don't like making bobbles! *LOL*)
Ann McCauley Square Progress: Completed 26 May 2008!
Photo coming soon! 6. Dana Hurt Square: Started 27 May 2008 and completed 28 May 2008. *S*
My Comments: Another square not rated in the book but it seemed to work up very easily/quickly for me, at least. Just be sure to pay attention to row 7 in both Charts B & E for when it cables in those 2 charts.
Dana Hurt Square Progress: Completed 28 May 2008!
Photo coming soon! 7. Marian Tabler (a.k.a. Tipsy Cable) Square: Started 28 May 2008 Restarted 3 June 2008 and completed 18 June 2008. and currently my WIP. *S*
My Comments: Another square not rated in the book. This square has been more of a challenge than the other ones I've done so far since I had to frog it 5 or 6x before even getting very far into the pattern before I finally started getting it right. *LOL* By the time I had frogged it for the 3rd or 4th time, I did start wondering if the designer had been a little tipsy and/or sadistic at the time she designed it. *L* IMO, those charts/graphs are a bit of a pain to work with and the "In Other Words" portion for it can be confusing if you don't look at/use the charts - especially Chart C where it follows portions of Chart B but not in the usual order/numbering! I found it helpful to split Chart A up into 2 charts again and definitely did a lot of c&p'ing for Chart C from Chart B for my version of the "In Other Words" part.
     Dang it! On 3 June 2008, I noticed 2 errors I had made in a couple of the cables from Chart A early on in the square and ended up frogging the square almost back to the beginning of it. :(
(Unfortunately, it was easier to frog it back that far rather than to try to fix the cables due to their different locations in the square.) Thankfully, I did use some lifelines which was one reason why it was a little easier to frog it back to almost the beginning. My work on this square has slowed down quite a bit now due to the birth of our new granddaughter, Kylie (born 6/7/08). *S*

Marian Tabler Square Progress: Completed 18 June 2008!
Photo coming soon! 8. Julie H. Levy Square: Started 18 June 2008 and currently my WIP. *S*
My Comments: Rated as one of the 5 easiest squares in the book.
Julie H. Levy Square Progress: Started 18 June 2008!

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