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Items on this page were crafted by:
Phyllis Madge Matte Deb H. Doreen

(Click on any photo below to see a full-sized version from my Epson albums.)

I want to be sure to thank everyone for sharing photos of their completed work with me.
They all look great! *S* I enjoy looking at all the photos made from one of my graphs.

Tractor Afghan created by Phyllis
Phyllis' completed afghan
Phyllis' completed afghan
Phyllis' completed afghan BEFORE ends woven in
Afghan BEFORE ends woven in.
Phyllis' completed afghan AFTER ends woven in
Afghan AFTER ends woven in.
These are the first photos of an afghan made by Phyllis using one of the graphs I made. *S*
Thank you for sharing the photos with me, Phyllis. *hugs*
Your work looks great!

Tractor 3 Graph
Jack Russell Afghan created by Madge
Madge's completed afghan
Madge's completed afghan
Madge's completed afghan
Another view of Madge's completed afghan.
Jack Russell 3 Graph
Musical Pig Afghan created by Matte
Matte's completed afghan
Matte's completed afghan.
Matte's completed afghan
Another view of Matte's completed afghan.
Musical Pig Graph
Afghans created by Deb Hammond.
Deb's completed afghan      Deb's completed afghan Deb's completed afghan
Deb's niece, Melissa, is holding the 1st afghan. Deb's Shih Tzu afghan
Shih Tzu Graph
Bunny Afghan created by Doreen.
Doreen's completed afghan
Doreen's completed afghan
Bunny 1 Graph

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