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  1. How do I save/print a graph from your Epson album?
    I will try to make this as easy as possible to explain how to do and using one of my graphs as an example. For this explanation/example, I will use my small 4-leaf Shamrock or Clover 2 graph that is 50x50.
     1. Go to one of my Epson albums and go to the graph you want to save from it.
     2. Once you are on the Epson page showing my graph, click on the graph photo and it should take you to a new page that shows the actual full-sized graph or click on the "View this photo at full-size" link on the page in the lower right corner of the page under "View Photo." (FYI - Do NOT click on the link "Print this photo using PRINTATHOME" because, in most cases, this will not print out the graph correctly, especially for some of my larger graphs.) You will know you have reached the full-size graph photo when you see just the graph itself (no ads, no links, no nothing! *LOL*) displayed on the top left side of your browser
     3. Once you are at the page with just the full-sized graph displayed, right-click on the graph to save it to your computer (or do whatever you need to do to save the graph as a .jpg file to your computer). With an IE browser, you should get a small pop-up box that appears when you right-click on the graph. Choose the "Save Picture As" option from the list of choices in that box. Next, you will get a "Save Picture" window where you have to choose the location of where to save the graph onto YOUR computer AND choose what name to save it under. Be sure to remember where you save the graph on your computer and the name you chose to save it under - by default, the file name will be "View" and saved as a .jpg file (unless you specify the file name and/or type differently). (FYI - If you don't give it a name, the default name that will come up will be view.jpg which is okay if you're only after 1 graph but if you download more than 1, then you're going to be losing previous graphs saved under that file name.) For this example, I will choose to use "4leafshamrock2" as my file name for the graph and save it as a .jpg file. Click on the Save button in the lower right corner of the "Save Picture" window. If you have never saved a graph file to your computer before, then you should congratulate yourself as the graph should now be saved on your computer! *S*
     4. Next, you will need to use IrfanView to open up that newly saved graph so open up/start IrfanView on your computer. (If you don't already have IrfanView on your computer, then go get it. Be sure to download and install it on your computer.)
         I use IrfanView for viewing and printing out graphs. It's a great freeware program that I also use for resizing graphics at times. IrfanView is free for private, non-commercial use (i.e. using at home) and it's also free for educational use as well as for use in charity or humanitarian organizations. Now, here is how I use it for printing out graphs since I've had more than one person asking me about it at different times.
    First, you DO have to have the program installed on your computer and have it open/running on your computer and be using it to view the graph that you want to print out.
    Second, click on File in the upper left corner of the program. Select Print from the drop-down list that appears (or use the shortcut keys of Shift+P) which will make the Print box appear. Click on the OK button down towards the lower right corner of the Print box.
    Third, the IrfanView Print box should open up. Make your selection(s) in that box for how you want the graph to print out. I usually have the "Best fit to page" option selected for the Print Size and select the "Center image" for the Position on the paper it will be printed out on.
    Fourth, click on the Print button down towards the bottom of the IrfanView Print box and, voila! your graph should be printing out from your computer! *S* (Hopefully, you DID remember to have your printer already turned on before you clicked on the Print button, didn't you?? If not, turn your printer on and you should be all set and ready to go! *L*)
    I hope the above makes sense and helps anyone having trouble using IrfanView for viewing/printing out graphs.
    If you need more help in printing out graphs from other places, be sure to read the helps/hints that I have on this page at my site.

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