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Pics of Brian The Beaver

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Beaver hard at work in the dish room.

Beaver turned his du-rag around and did this crazy face...gotta love it.

Brian puttin on his helmet he bought at the Blessing of the Bikes, supposedly.

HAHAHA! Don't really need to say a whole lot about this one!

Just missed a look on his face here before he picked the trash up to put in the dumpster.

Brian walking...hard to show exactly how funny it looks until I get some video footage.

Beaver tried to stop me from taking this picture of his chopper, but HAH!, I was too fast for him!

Brian's twisted, evil smirk! When you see that look on his face, it means you better look out...he'll try to start a "ticklefest" with you.

The Beaver lighting up a joint by the breaktable at work.

Brian HIGH as a kite...even tho he acts like that normally.

"Puff, puff, give" said The Beaver!

...self explanitory.

Picture the cook, Eric, drew of Brian, the big, bald Beaver!

Brian laughing at who knows what.

...yes, sadly, its supposed to be exactly what it looks like.

Brian with his beaver tail.

Brian acting like the beaver that he truly is.

LOL...just look at that face.

The beaver's rap concert he put on at work.

Again, sadly enough, this is exactly what it looks like.

...speechless about this picture.

Another one of The Beave's faces.

Hard to see the "balloon" but yeah, you get the point.

I told him to flip the bird, but didnt expect the face.

Brian said this is what Bob looks like when he's a baby.

Brian laughing as he smokes.

"The first chicken to ever smoke"

Brian getting on his moped after a hard night of laughing.

A squinting, smoking, chicken.

Hey ladies, look at this sexy beast!

The Beave smokes yet another cigarette.

Brian with a glove on his head, and glasses on.

Beware...beavers ARE master of disguises!

"HOW YOU DOIN TIMMY?" said Brian as he did this.

Beaver puttin a glove over his head as everyone laughs.

Same as above.


LMAO...just look at him...words can't even describe it.

Yes Beaver, you are in fact "Hell on wheels".

Brian, the American bad ass, washing dishes.

Melissa and Rachel doin "party girl" to Brian...I just wish I could have gotten a picture of the face he made during this

Brian grabbing hisself for only god knows why!?!

Beaver and The Turd hugging each other on Halloween!

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