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Brian The Beaver

This site is in the making and is dedicated to Brian the Beaver of Red "Snot" Inn restraunt!


May 21, 2005
Been busy with graduation and stuff, but I finally got some new stuff up!!! Got 7 pictures of the beaver up under the picture section! Still making t-shirts for those who want them. They are in demand despite the lack of updates, so lets see the t-shirt orders come in. Email me at or leave a comment for me to get in touch with you about a t-shirt or info.

April 30, 2005
Wow, been a while! Gonna start getting this site updated recently again. I'm glad to announce the beaver mania is still spreading despite the lack of updates for a little over 4 months. Going to try to get some pictures up tonight. More to come!

December 24, 2004
Got another new picture up again. I also started a smaller website dedicated to me, not being conceited, but just a matter of how bored I am. The link is below. Please visit it and leave comments!

December 6, 2004
Got another new picture up, and the fan mail page has been started. Please contact me if you would like to send me some fan mail. Thanks. Go take a look!

November 19, 2004
Got one new picture of the Beaver posted! Should have more any day now...untill then, keep checking, and please leave comments!

November 10, 2004
Once again...busy. Dvd is complete, just need to finish the program to upload the music into the right type of file. Will post all of the pictures tonight that I have been neglecting to post due to getting a new computer and my laziness to install the card reader for the digital camera. Beaver is just as hilarious, if not more, than he has been. Ok, I got a little business going on now. I have the capability to produce shirts myself...So you can pick any picture from the website with whatever else you want on the shirt, and I can make it for you. All requests welcome. Long Sleeve shirts are $10 and T-shirts are $7. If you would like a shirt, feel free to email me at with what you want on it and your shirt size...or personally contact me. I see my good friend, Mauricio (BAH!) has left a comment, but now we need more people to leave comments!

October 2, 2004
Have been pretty busy again and haven't had a lot of time online due to a concussion and other stuff and whatnot, but I got some video clips and a few new pictures of the beaver. The video clips will not be posted on here unless I can find a way through Quicktime, but the pictures will be put up tomorrow. I am currently in the making of a Brian the Beaver dvd, which I should have ready next week sometime, hopefully Monday or Tuesday. I will be selling them for $1-2, and it will have the video clips, all the sites pictures, plus bonus footage! This will be great! Email me at if you would like to purchase one!

September 5, 2004
Have been pretty busy and haven't been closing saturdays, so I havent really been able to get many pictures of the beaver. I will try to get some more tomorrow hopefully, and I am currently about to build a shrine to Brian in my basement that I will get a picture of once it's complete. Keep checkin back for updates.

August 26, 2004
New page up. CONTEST! Go to the new page entitled "CONTEST" and everyone join the contest to win some cash! New pictures of Brian will be posted Saturday night, so everyone keep coming back! AND LEAVE SOME COMMENTS ALREADY!

August 20, 2004
I know it's been a while since I've updated, but i've been quite busy. Every page has been updated. The new pictures on the picture section are from last night and tonight. Please keep posting comments...I love comments. And everyone, please give this site to EVERYONE you know so we can spread the Beaver-mania throughout the nation! Don't forget...selling t-shirts! CHEAP!

August 10, 2004
There is now a Fun Facts section up on the site. If you would like to have any of the pictures on the site put on a t-shirt, please email me at about the information or you can contact me on aim (aol instant messanger) at HardcoreTimmay13.

August 6, 2004
Worked with The Beave once again. He was INSANE once his meds wore off. We were really busy, but didnt have a single customer after 8:30 till 10, so i got about 15 more pictures of Brian that I got posted. Hopefully more people start posting in the comments section...HINT HINT!

July 31, 2004
Worked with The Beave again. He was a riot. Don't think he's taken his meds in atleast a week now. One word describes that...WOW! Around the end of the night, the cook, Eric, drew a picture of Brian. He also drwe a picture of this REALLY weird guy named Bob that also washes dishes. The Brian picture is up and the Bob picture in under the misc section. History section up. Hopefully I'll have a shirt order page and forum/comments section up tonight.

July 25, 2004
Worked with Brian today, and had Jeff (aka jiffy lube, electric screwdriver, giraffe) take some pics of Brian. They're posted and the history behind him and his name will soon come.

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