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Beaver Fun Facts

- The Beaver has a girlfriend who is an ex-convict

- The Beaver is kind of iffy on the going on's of the funky business, aka the wild thing.

- Brian once had a mullet, which I wish I had gotten pictures of for this website

- If you ever tell Brian he's crazy at work, he will always...and i mean always, respond with "I have to be crazy...I work with you guys"

- The Beave likes to bring a rubber ducky into the bathroom while cleaning the toilets. In the process of this, Brian sticks his bare hand into the toilet to clean them.

- The Beaver tries to knock people unconscious at work while mixing bleach and amonia.

- The Beave likes a guy from this other possible job named Bubbles and Brian said he would like to blow bubbles when he was asked.

- The Beaver enjoys riding his moped in his spare time while not working or doing funky business.

- Brian has one of the most hilarious laughs in the world. (I will try to get some audio clips up later)

- Beware...the beaver will put bleach in water for rags and tell you he didnt

- Brian is now mine and Melissa's "dad"

- Because of the fact above, this makes me and Melissa, brother and sister, lol.

- When Brian was ran to by Melissa, as she screamed "DADDY, HUG ME!"...he ran and called her a crazy lunatic.

- Brian did not get his other job, so he is going to be staying with us at Red Snot!!!

- Brian is getting crazier by the day..."because he works with us!"

More Fun Facts To Come When I Feel Like Typing Them