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Brian DeLuca
The Home Resurrector

Is your home dead or dying? Call me, I could help. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me well. Listen (or read) to my story.

I live in a Christian Recovery Home, and have known the Lord since I was 16. I took a walk for 10 year, without the Lord, it was rough. It wasn't until 1998, when I let the Lord back into my life. I met a girl and a year latter we brought a child into this world. Un-married, living in poverty, and afraid that CPS would take our child, we had to do something. My church recommended that we move into the Christian Recovery Home. We graduated and moved on with our lives.

It was 2 years latter, there were problems, and I had to return to the home. We were still un-married and having trouble keeping the evil forces at bay, so I returned before the situation got worse.

During that time, the home had an auction and I wanted to do something. Everyone I knew was giving nice things and I had nothing to give. So, I pleaded with the Lord, asking for something to give. He said, "Give yourself." Confused and not knowing what He meant, a thought came to me, "Handyman for a day". I am a natural Mr. Fix-it, I like doing things with my hands. So, I put myself on the auction block, and a lady bided on me. I went to her house and made some repairs. At the end of the day, she asked me to come back the next day; she had more for me to do. The next week I went to her parents house and did some yard work. They did not have much money and could only pay me for 3 hours of work. I offered to finish the yard at no additional cost, but they told me to go. I kept pushing for more work and was not giving it back to the Lord, so nothing was happening. Realizing what I was forgetting, I apologized to the Lord and ask Him for His help.

Remember the lady who bided on me, well, she had told her neighbor about me. He had a $150,000.00 remodeling project and no one to help him.

Well, I have been helping him with this project since January, and we are almost done. Check out the pictures of our progress.

Thank you for your time. Just remember, Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God." Give everything to God and you will prosper. God bless you, your family and your home.

Revised March 2004

People of the world, thank you for looking upon me for understanding this world. I still am not a perfect individual, though with the Lord Jesus Christ, I am still blessed.

A lot has happened since my last report, the job that I was honored with was supposed to be completed July of 2003, and the project was to worth $150,000; well, it is still in progress and has reached $350,000. This project is the biggest I have been in charge of. Yes, I did say that I was in charge of; the owner hired me to be just a helper, noticing that I had more talent than just a helper, I was then the Site Foreman, overlooking and responsible for every aspect of the project. Such an honor to be given such a position, I will continue to give it back to the Lord. This was my first waterfall/pond - the first largest landscape - and the first remodeling project I have ever been responsible for, it was the Lord doing.

The owner of this home, also, is Semi-Retired of his own multi-million dollar company, Diving Unlimited International, Inc., the only dry suit manufacture in the world. You say “Dry Suit?”, this is a suit that can worn underwater and will keep you dry, you can where clothes underneath it and, yes, keep you dry. In my picture gallery you will notice me wearing one of these suits (look under Misc). A lot of the specs are copyrighted and top secret, with respect to him and the company, I will leave it at that. You can reach them on-line at for more information. My point that I am making, is that, he also recommended me to make some improvements to the warehouse. I remodeled the six bathrooms and made countless repairs to the warehouse, they still have other things to be repaired and ask for my assistance.

In aspect to my personal life, I graduated again for the program, May of 2003, and moved into the grad house. I live at the grad house till October of 2003, where I moved into a two bedroom house, another gift from the Lord. I have bad credit (and I mean BAD credit) and no one to recommend me to rent even a cardboard box, let alone a house. One day I was led to make an announcement to those of Hope Vineyard (the chuch that I attend) that I need a two bedroom dwelling for me and my daughter (a room for my daughter when she come to visit). Well, before the announcement could be distributed (in the Sunday Program); the one who makes the programs was asked by a colliege if he knew of someone who was looking for a two bedroom house. All he could say is,”Aaaaahhhh……yeah!!!!” The owner did not run a credit check and did not ask for any references, just rented me the house. It is the Lord and only the Lord that does things such as this.

Here is one more plea of observation, in November of 2003, my van caught fire. I bought a car, and in January of 2004 it broke down and work was falling off. In light off my suffering, I recognized it was because I was not tithing, once I recognized this, I made a manse. From that point on, work increased and a customer bought a vehicle for me, a 1999 Dodge Caravan with 77,000 miles. The customer is the home owner I worked for. If you did not know, I use to take handouts. In reflect to my life, I couldn't take hand’ outs anymore - just hand’ ups. With this in mind, I felt that he bought it as a gift, but, was relieved that he was accepting payments. If by chance I can not make a payment, I am just to tell him, and he will see me the next month. I feel like a millionaire, and one day, I will be a millionaire or have the value as one, he is my mentor.

Like I said before, Just remember, Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God." Give everything to God and you will prosper.And, thank you for your time to hear my story.