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MaNdA's BuIsNeSs!!
-ThInGs I LoVe-

*Friends* *Shopping* *Sleeping In* *Cheerleading* *Vacations* *Summer* *New Shoes* *Smiles* *Birthdays* *Chocolate* *Credit Cards* *Swimming Pools* *No School* *Yellow Roses* *Presents* *Jokes* *Perfect Teeth* *Secrets* *Dancin' in the Rain* *Love*

-ThInGs I HaTe-

- Cloudy Days - Lies - Broken Hearts - Stawberry Ice cream - Arguments - Chalk - Phones - Hypocrites - Basketball - Frowns - Peanut Butter - Being Alone

Me and Mah Girl!

~A [true] friend is someone who kNoWs you and -LoVeS- you just the same~

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I chose this subject because it was fun to tell about myself.
My reason for the second page was because it was personal and things I like.
I chose to lay out my page the way I did because I thought it looked cute!
I like the uniqueness about my page.
I had trouble adding music.
I wanted to add more moving animated pictures.