All My Friends...
I Love My Friends!

This is the page in which I devote it to nothing but my friends! Just to let all of you guys know now. The order in which I'm listening people is in NO exact order. AKA ... that means that just because you are first or last doesn't mean I like you any more or any less. I'm actually going to try and keep a split though. Which means one for North Dakota, one for Michigan, out of state, and then one for here at MSU. As I start getting pictures I'm going to start putting them up.

North Dakota

Jennifer - Jenny, you were my first bestfriend and always will continue to be. I love you lots and I wish you the best next year in Iowa. I must say I'm really disappointed that we aren't going to live in California together and be marine biologists like our original plan in the 1st grade. But I must say that I think our futures are still going to be pretty damn good. Even if we're not going to be living it together. Who knows! Maybe our jobs will lead us into the same city again sometime. Until then we'll settle for IMs and over the phone insults.

Natalie - Natalia! I really don't remember how you got that nickname but I'm going to call you that now and forever. It's a good thing that you are used to it. Red vinyl purses forever! Poor Matt Stroh, lol, I'll always remember threatening him to keep his mouth shut on where I hid it. I love you always Natalie and I will never forget any of our show choir memories. Especially that ones that had to do with McDonalds and their indoor play place. Ha! That was so worth all the trouble we got into!

Emily - I can't believe your sick and twisted ass is going to West Point this upcoming fall. You with power really kind of scares me. Infact you just plain scare me. I miss you and your family! Your house was, and always will be by far, the COOLEST house ever with all of your country themed rooms. I miss giving your brother Adam a hard time. I DON'T miss your Dad chasing us with daddy long legged spiders around outside. Always keep in touch Emmylou, always!

Lacey - Thank you for introducing me to the game You Don't Know Jack, and the fact that people have arcade games in their basements. I'm still proud of you for taking the title of valedictorian and I'm so proud of you. Remember, all men are the devil! :-) Kmart employees rule! LoL! I hope to come out and visit Bismarck sometime soon to see a lot of you guys. I miss all of you.

Alexandra - At least you now know why men are the scum of the earth. You were way better then that trust me. I'm glad I got to meet you in junior high and I think it's awesome that even though there has been distance between us for the longest time, that we're still friends. I'm glad that you are loving St. Louis! I hope we get to see each other sometime soon. Always keep in touch!


Ashton - Ryan, you are the absolute best. I don't know what I would do without ya! Notre Dame still sucks it even though they won. We need to do another football game that day was so much fun. I'm glad that all of us became better friends our senior year. We definately have had some interesting times. Stanley Cup Parade was one of the most fun. Even though we've gone through our fair share of stupid fighting and bitching we're still tight friends and I couldn't be more grateful. I love you!!!

Laura - Now I most certainly couldn't put down Ryan without mentioning the wife. :-) Laura, you are a sweet girl with an innocent heart .... SO STAY THAT WAY! I'm sorry you're not coming to MSU after all because we would have had so much fun. You know that I'll always be there for you just like I was in the past, I will always continue to be.

Frant - Ha, well we most definately have had some interesting times and experiences to say the least. We may not talk all that often but you're still one of my bestfriends. Always remember, when you're walking out of the Joe playing for the NHL ... watch your back. You never know when some high school friend is going to get even for getting thrown into a wall, jammed into a corner of a locker, thrown to the grown, wrestled, being dragged around by her 50 pound backpack, rug burns, bruises, you get the idea. Anytime you need anything I'll be here. I always was in the past and I always will be in the future. I don't know what I would have done without you guys in high school, and I don't know what I would do without any of you after graduation. Besides ... you need me for your laundry. :-D

Mini-Zimmy - DEANNA DOESN'T WEAR ANY UNDERWEAR CUZ SHE'S A SKANKY HO!!!! HA I SO GOT EVEN! Deanna, you're just another little sister to me. One that gets herself in shit loads of trouble and won't listen to anyone that tries to get her out. Remember, love triangles are fun ... just pick the boys a little more wisely. I'll never forget my senior year band camp. Seriously tho Dee, you need to stop playing with hot candle wax, you're going to burn something down. I also owe you thanks for helping me make amends with Angela last year too. We need to have more Starbucks bonding sessions.

Rachel - I still thank you for loaning me your pants that one night. Yeah, that hole got REALLY big really quickly. I love you to death and you know it. You also are another little sister to me. I hope you and Chris are doing well and continue to do well! Thanks again for the Old Navy shirt. I wear it all the time. I love it! Rachel, you're the best!!! So are we going to see the fireworks again this July? I don't think I would have had nearly as much fun in physics last year if it wasn't for you.

Cat - Duffy, you are such a ho! FLICKERTAIL! TOASTMASTER! :-D Us North Dakotans sure know how to paaaaaaarty! So before you start bitching about the band hats just remember what they could look like ... it's not a pretty site! I'm sorry for hating you at band camp, but that's okay cuz you hated me too. It's not my fault your whole damn trombone along with your huge ass took over the 30 yard line. That's even MORE crap that I had to move for you. I still think you should have been chosen as one of the drum majors, but I guess the girls who got it will do a spiffy job as well. Good luck with getting accepted into the University of Michigan. Luv yas!

Adam - It's all about the Barbies. You definately are one of my best friends that I've ever had. No matter what we fight about we always manage to talk to each other within two to three days of the arguement. Pretty damn good I say. I still think it woulda been funnier at the mall to hold hands just to piss her off, but you're no fun. It's all about MST2K and sleeping on each other. We've had some interesting times together let me tell you. We always gotta keep in touch. We're too much alike to not do so. It's all about my 21st birthday! LOL! JUST KIDDING!!!

Dominic - I'm telling you for $50 each Carlie and I totally woulda made out *wink wink*. Anyways you're my lil pint sized friend and you're the best. You're the best DJ ever and you know it. Thanks for putting up with my rants and raves at random moments and I'm always gonna be here for you my lil buddy!

Stephanie H. - You're so my vice president, we're gonna own the world, make people worship rocks, and rent out rooms in the White House for extra income for the economy. I'm telling you our administration is going to rock this country. Us Missouri river hicks need to stick together always ... Lake of the Ozarks is the best ever. I still can't believe all the weird things we had in common. I'm telling you if it weren't for us what in the hell would we have done during government? Really! I still can't believe you degraded yourself to go to Ohio State but I guess I still love you and everything. Since I HAVE too. Anyways always hold your rocks dear ... FRENCH SUCK! Ha!

Ericka - I can't thank you enough for getting me to like the world of Dashboard Confessional and other such music. Thanks for listening and just being you ... you're the best! You're going to make a great doctor one dad and a kick ass mom. I'll come to the wedding no matter when it is and you know I support you. Thank you for all the rides home from school you gave me when you did. I enjoyed talking to you on the rides home. You definately give me new insight to situations I might not have seen before.

Renee - You'll always be my lil Chicago mistress. LoL, u slut! I'm glad that you and Jeff found each other and are happy together. I'm glad we became friends even though the circumstances in which we met would normally have made it otherwise a nasty situation. Techies do it in the dark! I'll never forget our adventures putting on all the shows and missing my last one to get my mouth torn apart. You were a great crew head and an even better friend. I always knew I could count on you if I was stuck in a situation. Either that or lost on our way to band camp. Either way you get the idea. You're the best Rini!


Elaina - Always remember, when we need each other ... look in crowds of over 30,000 and not a class of 15. That way we always know where to find each other. I'm glad that I met you first semester. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you. Okay I prolly woulda bombed that first test hard core. Thank you for introducing me to everyone and thank you for always being there. I'm glad you had a great birthday too! We gotta visit each other somehow this summer. I also hope you eventually get your Valentine's Day wish!

Sarah - We're living together in Atlanta, we're going to have a bowling alley in the basement, Lou living upstairs, and a tampoline/padded room. How much cooler could that get? We're going to own the world biznitch! I'm glad you live as close as Rochester Hills because we are definately going to be able to hang out all summer. Or at least sometimes because I don't want to spend every day with you. Doy! Okay, we have way more jokes then that but I really don't have the room on this one whole page to mention all of them.

Kristin - I'm so glad that it took ISS for us to finally meet 'n all that other good stuff. I don't know who'd I'd bitch to all the time if it wasn't for you. Thanks for just being cool. *smiles* I'm definately going to come visit you guys in Ludington because evidentally I learned from everyone else it's the place to be. I also think we should organize the Disney spring break next year. Nothing screams warm weather more then hanging out with Tigger and falling 13 stories from the Tower of Terror. It will be a fun trip ... and we're definately going to live with each other our junior year cuz I said so and stuff. *smiles*

Chuck - You rock my world buddy. I'll iron for you any day! The Tiger game is going to be interested this summer and I'll make sure and keep my mouth shut around your dad. You are a great friend who is one of the few that has a mind of his own to make up for himself. For that I really respect you. I no longer can ever sit in your chair in your room without thinking gross dirty thoughts about what's happened to it ... and thank you for introducing me to the Emperor's New Groove. Fun times buddy ... fun times. ... more of these shout outs are to come! Although I have tons of shoutouts to make and not enough time in the day to do that and homework. So check this link out and everyday I'll add one or two more people to it.