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Robot, a word most know about however not all know what it means it is a machine
that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command. The word robot
cames from the word robota and in Czech robota means "drudgery" or "servitude" and from
Slovak robota means "labour".These are good names because many robots are made
to make a time consuming every day task easier, like the RoboVac.

Most of the robovacs will vacuum your whole house, or at least one floor of it, and
then gp back to its docking station and recharge itself. Some can even be programmed
to do the cleaning while you’re out at work.

The models may differ in time that is needed to charge, and how long they can clean on
a full charge. Most robotic vacuums work best on hard floors. However some models have are
able to go from floor to low-level carpeting. They may work well on a thicker carpet, but will not be able to transition well
from floor to plush carpet. You can have sensors so it can detect if they come to the edge of stairs, and they'll turn around at that point.

There are many different kinds of robovacs there is the
Samsung VC-RP30W, IRobot Roomba, mini robovac