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Robot:(A.K.A. Automaton or golem)A mechanism that moves automatically.

Robots in a earlier period used to be considered science fiction like humans going to the moon, now
robots are a part of life in many advanced nations such as the united states and japan.
For example in japan they have robots that mimic simple human movement.There are many uses
uses for a robot such as space and undersea exploration. Robots have also been adapted to carry weapons or to
disarm them.

ASIMO,A robot made by Honda,can do many functions like a normal human can do. He/She weighs 54kg and stands
130cm.He/She also can walk and run the normal speed of a human. ASIMO runs on a lithium battery that takes
3 hours to charge and can run for up to an hour. With ASIMO's camera mounted in it's head he can
interact with humans better than other robots made by the United States so far.

How ever another robot for undersea exploration is called the ENDURANCE probe which takes
three-dimensional maps of undersea areas of the arctic. ENDURANCE costs around 2.3 million dollars
to build and can also take note of changes in the environment.
The ENDURANCE is also funded by the NASA space program.

You may remember the TV series "Gundam Wing" from japan. If the worlds robotics technology advances to
an extent your children's children may be fighting in space using giant robotic suits. I highly doubt this is possible
but it still could happen.If you seek more information please visit the links provided.