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Monkeys adapt robot arm as their own
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Clip One

These are several successful events that have been done with prosthetic using machinery. Using a huge amount of resources to make this happen.

These innovations making the future into reality and making popular shown like Straw Wars even more famous with their technology actually being used in a real life scenario.

Clip Two

Another prosthetic arm crafted by Dean Kamen and his engineering colleagues a continuation of his product.

May not be available to see in a school environment because youtube is blocked.

Dean Kamen a well known inventor and has created already a numerous number of inventions.

  • Segway PT
  • Stirling engine
  • Insulin Pump
  • iBOT
  • Welcome to Robotic Prosthetic and here is a review on what robotic prosthetic's are and how they better the lives of the people who wield them.

    Prosthetic's are simply artificial limbs given to people that have lost their limbs in a war or any other accident that required to live a normal life. Robotic prosthetis are very diffrent from the old antique version of prosthetic's because they use the newest technology to render the artificial limbs almost as if it were their old.


    So far not yet approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) so it is not commercially sold yet. Dean's objective proce is 100,000+$, the same as a normal prosthetic.


    The arm doesn't need to be surgically placed on the user just strapped on and pucked down tight. The arm also left you feel the things that you grasp and how much tension you give it.
    <-- See the video.


    The fate of the "Luke Arm" now rests on the hand of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that is funding this project, and gives it a green light. Once this happens the "Luke Arm" will be clinically trialled, and the other depending factor relies on the FDA to approve this invention for mass production.