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The Talon Assault. Increasing in popularity with the military. Most people will never see one of these fear inducers. Unless you live in the Middle East. If you are a Taliban or al Qaeda you probably dread seeing one of these. Most people would cringe in fear if you ran into one of these fear inducers. Seeing as it packs heat you would probably run. The gun The Talon carries is a M249 SAW Machine gun. It can probably pick you off running full speed from half a mile away controlled by a skilled user.

The Talon features a Long range machine gun and carries an extra ammo pack. It has heavy duty tracks that can grab almost any terrain. The video camera that it has is for manual operation so the user knows where the Talon is and can control it.

most remote controlled robots for the military are somewhat human controlled. We cannot give a robot a gun and tell it to shoot the bad guys. The robot needs a human behind it. To pull the trigger. And to tell it where to go. Military needs have led to the invention of such machines. They need these machines to reduce human casualties

Most Talons have equipped sensors, radiation sensors, UXO/countermine detection sensors, grenade and smoke placing modules, breaching tools, communications equipment, distracters and disrupters to deter any threats. TALON is the fastest UGV(Unmanned Ground Vehicle) that the Army has in its arsenal. With a top speed of 5.2 MPH, TALON is able to move with a speed similar to that of a soldier who is carrying a full pack. In addition to having the highest top speed of other UGVs, TALON also has seven different speed settings that can be adjusted by the operator depending on what type of mission TALON is being deployed in. the main focus of these machines is to help minimize human casulaties.

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