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Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Robot-a machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command.
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Robots used by Bomb Squad in order to take care of IED's (Improvised Explosive Device) and other explosives. On great thing about using a robot to handle IED's are that they can be more careful with them than a person can. IED's are usually unstable, unlike C4 which can be thrown around and not detonate, so handling them with care is very important. Also if the explosive does detonate on accident then it will only damage the robot and not the person operating it.

Mark V A-1

The Mark V A1 is the most durable in the REMOTEC Group. This robot can go through any terrain including stairs, mud, and ditches as wide as 2 feet across.

Dimensions Weight Cameras Cost
Height- 46.5"
Width- 43"
length- 48"
Ground Clearance- 5.3"
790 lbs 72:1 zoom with a color display or low light capability, 360 pan 180 tilt $158,000


This is a small robot that is suitable for multiple types of missions. It has a arm that is able to reach under cars to get bombs. It can lift up to 13.6 kg. Also it can work in any weather. Another advantage that the HD-1 has is that all the parts are easily accessed for repair.

Dimensions Weight Cameras
200lbs color surveillance camera zoom 216:1


This is the smallest of the ANDROS family. This robot is really good when a robot needs to go into small areas.

Demensions Weight Cameras
Height- 27"
Width- 24.5"
Length- 53"
Ground Clearance- 3"
225 lbs Color with 6:1 zoom, 360 pan, 180 tilt


Mark V A-1
Remotec HD-1 Mini ANDROS II