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Military robots are used in the military everyday and they save a lot of lives. Military robots disarm bombs and go in very dangerous areas where marines could die. Military robots are very cool and they are very fun to watch. Their a many different kinds of Military fobots but my favorite ones are the ones that disarm bombs and their is one i know about where it has a microphone on it and a camera and machine guns.

Everyone knows that being a soldier is a dangerous job, but some of the tasks that soldiers are required to do are more dangerous than others. Walking through minefields, deactivating unexploded bombs or clearing out hostile buildings, for example, are some of the most dangerous tasks a person is asked to perform in the line of duty. What if we could send robots to do these jobs instead of humans? Then, if something went wrong, we'd only lose the money it cost to build the robot instead of losing a human life. And we could always build more robots. The U.S. military has been developing robotic systems for all sorts of jobs for years now, and some of them are even on the front lines in Iraq. In this article, we'll meet some of the military's latest robot soldiers, find out what sorts of jobs they can do and get a glimpse of what the future holds for military robots.

This robot is very cool and it can save a lot of lives it is a lot better than loosing a human life. If the robot gets destroyed then they are only loosing money. They can always make a new robot. Military robots are awesome!!!!!!

This robot is very good for going out into battle and destroying all the bad guys or it could stay back and spy on the enemy because it has a lot of cameras on it. It is amazing how many different kinds of robots their are and how they work. The have so many abilities.

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