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Robots in Entertainment

Robots today are being used more and more in the entertainment field. For example the famous Furby. The Furby was the first entertainment tech. I had. So i have been "entertained by the sense i was five. The Furby can be entertaining in many different ways. A lot of people like to make it say funny, scary, or sexual stuff. they do this by taping into the technology in circuits. As you see in the picture bellow, this person skinned the Furby to mess with the tech.

Many Furby's develop on their own. At first they start out completely speaking "Furbish" their own language. Then they can learn fluent English, they can even learn other languages. Sometimes, people say, that their Furby's become possessed by evil spirits or something like that. This actually could be true but hasn't been proven exactly. If you ask me Furby's are the simple technology created by weirdos we come to know and love.

And they are really scary beyond our natures understanding... O_o

Wikipedia Furby

Taryn Dailey 5th hr