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Everyone knows that being a soldier is a dangerous job, but some of the tasks that soldiers are required to do are more dangerous than others. Walking through minefields, deactivating unexploded bombs or clearing out hostile buildings, for example, are some of the most dangerous tasks a person is asked to perform in the line of duty.What if we could send robots to do these jobs instead of humans? Then, if something went wrong, we'd only lose the money it cost to build the robot instead of losing a human life. And we could always build more robots.

So what is a Robot? Robot is Automated machine used to carry out various tasks. Robots are often computer -controlled, the most common type having a single arm that can move in any direction. Such robots are used in mass production

Some of the first robots in history were used during world war 2. The Germans used the Goliath {remote-controlled demolition vehicles}, to blow base's up as well enemy vehicles up.

German Goliath, captured by British Troops

Here are some more modern day robots that military uses. Armed Predator Drone,Foster-Miller TALON, and XM1219 Armed Robotic Vehicle-Assault-Light. All these robots are remote controlled by some one in the military. Each one of these robots has a specific job.The Drone is used to bomb curtain areas and uncover hidden areas.The Foster-Miller Talon is used in combat when its way to dangerous to send in troops. Last and final is the Armed Robotic Vehicle-Assault-Light which used to locate and destroy enemy platforms.

Armed Predator drone

Foster-Miller TALON

Armed Robotic Vehicle-Assault-Light

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