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"How many mars rovers are there?"
"There are Two different mars rovers."
"What Are The Two Rovers names?"
"The names are Spirit,and Opportunity.

"Preparing for the Rover's First "Steps Preparing a robot to perform to exact specifications on a harsh planet is no easy task. Still the excitement of sending a spacecraft to another planet has not waned. While engineers are anxious to see Mars through the eyes of a rover again, they know that the deployment process will be slow and precise once the rovers land on Mars in January, 2004. When ground controllers confirm that all systems are working as they should they will tackle the decision of which direction to go. Nearby obstacles like rocks or deflated airbags will determine the safest route to leave the tetrahedron-shaped lander

"A Design to Keep on Turning"
Each wheel has its own drive and steering actuators, which control movement and direction. The internal volume that each wheel can hold was increased to house both systems within the wheels crownshaped design. When steered, the wheels unique shape bears the load continuously from inside to outside and prevents it from riding up on its outside edge.

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Mars rovers
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