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The Bachelor Cemetery

This is Tilly Bathrick head stone. He was the father of Susannah Bathrick who married Concider Bachelor. Tilly's stone is the short one that looks as if it had sunk into the ground. The inscription says only "Tilley Bathrick / Died March 17, 1831" Below is the story of how Sandy and Loma found the head stone in New York.

I had brought back from Michigan a lot of stuff that your family members had collected about the Bachelor family over the years. One hand drawn chart gave Consider Bachelor's wife as Susannah, but no last name. I did some research at my local historical society, and with their help and some other information from US GENWEB, found that there was a Tillabee Bathrick over in Cayuga County whose daughter Susannah had married Consider Bachelor.

Now we were getting somewhere! I made contact with a delightful lady, Laurel Aunspaugh, who is the Town of Owasco, Cayuga County, Historian. She responded with a flood of information and an invitation to come over there for a guided tour of the town and the cemetery where Tilly was buried. So, the following Sunday, Sandy and I drove over to Owasco. Laurel took us on a drive of miles and miles around the village, to the site of his taverrn, and finally to the cemetery. After we had taken photos of the stone and returned Laurel to her home, we drove on down the side of Owasco Lake to the burial spot of Tilly's wife Abigail (--?--) Kettle, near Moravia. Tilly was married a second time to Lois (-?-) who survived him, and presumably she chose not to bury him beside Abigail. And that's the story of how I found Tilly Bathrick and got your uncle (Sandy) hooked on genealogy. It was truly a wonderful experience to watch Sandy's face as his ancestor became "real" to him. You and I know how almost mystical it is to stand beside the final resting place of an ancestor, or drive down a road that he may have travelled, and feel a connection with that ancestor. It's really cool to see it happening for the first time to someone else.

Abigail Kettle Bathrick died 9 September, 1812, in Cayuga County, NY. first wife of Tilly Bathrick. Her's is the middle stone.

Sumner Bathrick. Tilly had a son named Stephen who had a son named Sumner, but all reports on him say that he was born Aug. 2, 1800. This Sumner, according to his headstone was born in 1833. So I'm not sure if this is Tilly's grandson or not, but will put him here until we find out. He is buried in North Farmington Cemetery. (NFC)

John Swallow, this is (probaly) the father of Ann Swallow who married Samuel Nathan Bachelor. He died Jan. 29, 1866, age 88yrs, 24 days. This stone is broken and lying on the ground. (NFC)

Ann Swallow wife of John (probaly) the mother of Ann who married Samuel Nathan Bachelor. She died April 23, 1864 in her 85th year. Both John and Ann are buried at the North Farmington Cemetery. Samuel and Ann Bachelor are buried near by. (NFC)

Samuel and Ann Bachelor are the parents of Frank Dallas, Sarah, Ellen, Eva and Marcus P. Bachelor. These names were listed on the 1860 West Bloomfield Census. On the 1870 census Marcus is listed as Perry, and everyone is still single and living at home. (NFC)

Sarah Bachelor, daughter of Samuel and Ann Bachelor. No dates. (NFC)

Frank Dallas and Mary Ellen Borland, son of Samuel and Ann Bachelor, parents of Bertha Belle Bachelor Wilkins. (NFC)

Lula Bachelor 1888-1978 and husband Claude Young, 1888-1948. Lula is the second oldest child of Frank D. and Mary Ellen Bachelor. Bertha Belle Wilkins is the oldest and her stone is pictured in the Wilkins Cemetery. (NFC)

Loren Bachelor 3rd child of Frank D. and Mary Ellen Born Dec. 24, 1889, Died Dec. 14, 1890. Buried next to his parents in (NFC)

William Dallas Bachelor Born April 25, 1896-Died April 9, 1972. 4th child of Frank D. and Mary Ellen and his wife Mildred Skarett, 1895-1974. Buried Oxbow-Lakeside Cemetery White Lake Twp. Oakland Co. MI

Manly Samuel Bachelor 5th child of Frank D. and Mary Ellen. Buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Pontiac, MI.

Cora Bachelor wife of Manly Samuel Bachelor, daughter of Fred Brown 1866-1948 and Grace McMicheal 1872-1964. Cora and Manly are buried next to Cora's parents in Oak Hill Cemetery, Pontiac, MI.

Stuart Eugene, 6th child of Frank D. and Mary Ellen. Born July 7, 1902, died September 11, 1967. Wife Mayme A. Hubble 1903-1973. Buried Ottawa Park Cemetery, Pontiac, MI.

Martha E. Bachelor, daughter of Samuel and Ann Bachelor, died Oct. 6, 1852 age 8years, 2months and 18 days. This could quite possibly be Electa who is listed as age 5 on the 1850 West Bloomfield census.(NFC)

Marcus P. Bachelor and Florence E. Wixom. Son of Samuel and Ann Bachelor. Brother of Frank Dallas Bachelor.(NFC)

Mark Dorwin Bachelor is the child of Marcus P. and Florence (Wixom) Bachelor. 1889-1977. Edna Eva Locke 1888-1876. I took these photos in September, 2000 when Sandy and Loma were here. There were flowers around this headstone so I figured that someone was taking care of it. There was no office at the cemetery where we could inquire about any living family members so I decided to leave a note. Loma gave me a large index card and I put my name and phone number on it, and explained that I was doing research on this family name and if they found the note would they please contact me. I wrapped the index card in a piece of tin-foil, and wrote PLEASE READ ME on it, and stuck it in the urn of flowers, hoping someone would see it when they came to take the flowers off. Mom and I went back down a couple of weeks later to do some more research and we stopped at the cemetery again and the note was still there. In October mom and I went to South Dakota to do research on my dad's side of the family. I can't tell you how happy I was when we got home and there was a message on my machine from a woman named Sharon (Shari)Weber. She is the grand daughter of Mark and Edna and her mother Gladys is Bertha Belle's first cousin. So we arranged to meet on a Sunday afternoon in November. Mom and I drove down to Orchard Lake and met Sue Ann and together the 3 of us went to visit Shari and her mother Gladys. We had a nice visit, looking at photos, and exchanged quite a bit of information.(NFC)

Mark Russell Bachelor, son of Mark and Edna Bachelor. Born Sept. 16, 1920-Sept. 22, 1975. U S Army WWII. (NFC)

Marley S. Bachelor. Son of Marcus P. and Florence Wixom. (NFC)

Mettie Graham wife of Marley Bachelor.(NFC)

Lorene E. Bachelor Oct 22, 1914-March 25, 1916. Daughter of Marley and Mettie Bachelor. (NFC)

Frank W. Bachelor 1878-1959. Mary L. Armstrong 1884-1946. Frank is the son of Marcus P. Bachelor. (NFC)

This picture didn't come out very good, just to much sunlight. Stephen Cowin, died, May 21, 1876, age 77 yrs. 2 mo. Native of Isle of Man. There is also an inscription at the bottom but we just couldn't read it. Will try chalking it the next time we go down there. Stephen is the father of Mary Cowin who married William Borland. Mary and William are the parents of Mary Ellen Borland who married Frank Dallas Bachelor who are the parents of Bertha Belle Wilkins. So he would be my 4 great grand father. I don't have the name of the cemtery.

This is the other side of Stephen's and there was to much shade. Mary Cowin wife of Stephen. Died Dec. 5, 1878. Age 87 yr 10 mo. Native of England. There is also and inscription on the bottom of her's that couldn't be read.

The Wilkins Cemetery