Photo Diary of Rayna's Birth
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Clarice giving me an internal. This was when I was first admitted, I was found to be 7 centimeters.

Here are two photos of me concentrating through contractions.

The expectant grandmothers. Rachel, my mother and unofficial doula; and Vickie, my mother in law.

My contracting stomach. I was taking a rest in bed at this point, I believe.

I went into the bathroom to urinate, but once I got on the toilet, I couldn't stop pushing. This is when my water broke.

I moved to the bed. Here I am resting between pushes.

The baby's head slowly becomes visible...

Her head slips out....

And here's Raney!

She's placed on my chest right away.

It's love at first sight, and we're so happy to meet each other!

A lot of people think placentas are "icky," but I wanted a photo of mine. This is what connected my daughter and I to each other for 40 weeks and 6 days.

Clarice helped Blake cut the cord once it stopped pulsing.

After I changed my shirt (I was all bloody), Rachel and Tony brought Cameron in to meet his new baby sister.