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Review: Rune

Rune is a 3rd person fighting game, using the Unreal engine. Online play is very fun, even without the expansion, Halls of Vahalla (I get that in about a week).. Umm, there are no bots in the game, which is somewhat gay.. But, oh well... I have a cable modem, so it don't really matter, now does it? One major problem with Rune is all of the server crashes. I try to serve a game and it will crash, like, every other time I am hosting. This angers me greatly.. But oh well.. Hopefully they will come out with a patch to fix that.. I haven't completed the single player mission in Rune, just yet... But I will, but so far, it's pretty cool. All in all this game is worth buying, only if you have a fast internet connection, or really enjoy playing SP... Either way, I give this game a 4 out of 5 William Regal.

Edit: Although the game does tend to corrupt your Internet Explorer, from time to time.. which takes away all of the William Regal's it earned.