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Review: Rammstein Concert - Pontiac, MI

Well when we were waiting in line they had some guy with his bible yelling at all of us 'sinners'.. pissed a bunch of people off and damn near got himself killed. Some drunk tried beating up a homeless guy and he ran over to them and broke up the fight. The line started moving at that point so I didn't get to see what happened after that.

Crossbreed was pretty much total crap. Godhead was sweet. Rammstein - whole concert was frickin great. Only one bad thing about the concert: the fat guy in front of me, that blocked my view occasionally... The pyro in Feuer Frei scared the bejesus out of me... And my friend that was there went temporarily deaf. They seemed to screw up during Asche Zu Asche... Olli's bass solo was crap... he kept on stopping at like the 3rd note and restarting.. for some odd reason... (I found out later that it was on purpose... but it still was crap, irreguardless) but then they had the flaming microphone stands that wouldn't go out... So it makes up for it. The flares during Du Hast came out of no where... Oh, and they also played Stripped at the concert... which I don't think they played at many of the concerts.. (Plus they took their shirts off in the middle of the song... so that was averagely gay...;) Umm.. The whole place could only hold 500 people, and it was pretty cramped. I was surprized they did some of the stuff they did.. (like the sparkler shoes during Weisses Fleish).. The last song they played was Ich Will... Which was frickin great... After the concert I got to briefly talk to the lead singer for Godhead.. so that was cool.

Overall this concert gets 6 out of 5 William Regal heads. (Too cool for my rating system.)