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Review: Rammstein - Mutter

This will be my first actually 'extensive' review... I'll list each song off of the CD and say what I think of it.

Mein herz Brennt - Very cool song, my only complaint is that a certain part of the song sounds wayy too much like the keyboard solo off of another one of Rammstein's songs, "Engel"...
Links 2 3 4 - Great song, but it makes it sound half-illiterate when you put a bunch of numbers at the end of it...
Sonne - It's okay.. still a great song (cuz it's Rammstein) but it could be better...
Ich Will - More Rammstein goodness.
Feuer Frei - See above.
Mutter - Yet again good song, but I think TIll got a little carried away with the subject content at one point. Hehe..
Spieluhr - Dammit the names of these songs are hard to spell. Anyways, begining of song is very cool where Till goes on and on without any music in the backrnd...
Zwitter - I'm glad the lyrics are in German, because this song would be downright disgusting to listen to in English. Hehe..
Rein Raus - Same applies to this song, too... But it always seems all of Rammstein's songs with uncalledfor lyrical content are always the best..
Adios - I thought the word "adios" was Spanish, not German.. :) But either way, ultra-striaght song..
Nebel - Frickin cool... my current favorite song off the album. It's even got Bobo in there for background vocals (same female vocals as Engel)..

Overall, very good CD... This has been the only CD I've listened to since I bought it (it stays on loop in my CD player, hehe).. And, it gets a 5 out of 5 William Regal, of course... what did you think I would give it??