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Review: DM-CorpseGrinderExreme

DM-CorpseGrinderExreme, by Grimm MacGregor, is a very fun map with a player recommondation of 2 - 12 players.. Although, if you're playing against bots, I don't recommond playing with under 5 players, as the pathnoding is pretty bad for the level... Although, that really is my only complaint about this map... The map is hella fun. It's sorta like a bigger DM-Fractal, with more weapons and a slightly different theme. If the author was to make a 2nd version of the map, I'd say he should fix the botnoding, change the texturing of the main room (it just don't look right, for some reason), and maybe add more weapons. 4 out of 5 William Regal. Download it here.