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Review: DM-Florentine

DM-Florentine, by "Evil" Mister Cope, is a church-like themed map for 2-8 players. This was an average map, at most... I did not like the texturing at all.. and plus, some of the archetecture was messed up (having to jump up onto some stairs, extremely narrow corridors).. I also did not like the item placement (I was playing against 3 bots, and I had to use the Enforcer / Translocator, most of the time)... The clouds were going by way too extremely fast.. That's always annoying... But, there are also some good things to this map... The overall theme of the map is pretty interesting.. also the look of the map is pretty cool (if you ignore some of the horrible texture use... and the gameplay is fun (if you have Weapon Stay turned on).. Overall, this map gets 2.5 out of 5 William Regal heads... There's room for improvement here, I just think that if the bad things I mentioned were fixed, the map would be much better. Download it here.