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I'm still looking for reliable links (i.e. That don't go offline every three minutes). Here is a list of my (more or less) approved links and text resources. These are no longer under my control, so I claim no responsibility for long loading times on slower computers, invalid links, poor spelling, poor grammar, or other such web-maladies (even within this page). Please, and by all means, submit any sites you think would make the cut. I try to comb through these, but it seems people put up great resources only to succumb to the trend of net volatility only weeks or months later. A caveat on this, though: I do not recommend these sites because I endorse them. I only claim they are all thought-provoking, not accurate. Use the Internet as a teacher at your own (very high) risk.

Locally Hosted Articles

The Library of Knowledge Articles Page
Here is a list of all the original works and local articles we have available for direct download from this site. Please remember that all copyrights and laws concerning intellectual property still apply.

Information Links

Ars Falcis
A site dedicated specifically to exploring different facets of modern necromancy, Ars Falcis is a complete guide for those interested in developing in this art. It is a rather large site which gives extensive instruction and theory on the development of necromantic skills and presents many viable options for the aspiring necrolyte.

Gate of the Black Sun
Authored by none other than the Archluminary of Summoning, Pharaon, Gate of the Black Sun is a comprehensive and very adaptable series of pages designed to help the new occultist understand their new world. It is likewise an excellent refresher or new perspective for the seasoned practitioner as well. Definitely make some time to read this one.

Into The Darkness
A collection of texts, articles, rituals, lists, and other resources largely aimed at the practitioners of left hand paths.

Myriad of Enchantments
This site covers it all for White Magicians, and a good deal of other topics for miscellaneous other castes. The writer is obviously intelligent enough to form her own opinions and make a strong logical stand by them. A well-travelled and well-written site. I highly recommend it, and commend the author for an admirable site.

Sacred Texts Internet Archive
The single largest compilation of many classic sacred texts, philosophical manuscripts, and worthwhile reading material anywhere on the internet. Sacred Texts is an enormous collection of many classic archives from most religions, many occult practices, and the most pivotal world philosophies and cosmologies. A treasure trove.

The Nizkor Project: Argument Fallacies
I found this site a couple months back and have steadily fallen in love with it more and more ever since then. It is the most well-sorted and excellently composed site I have ever found about the errors of logic that exist and how people attempt to use them in arguments. This is an absolutely priceless side-resource provided by the Nizkor project which seems to be mainly a Holocaust site. Nonetheless, be sure to check this one out.

Delusions of Grandeur
One of the few respectable links concerning Summoning and Demonolatry left since the withdrawl of www.demonolatry.com from the occult internet. This link provides historical background, beliefs, and a compendium of demons.

This site provides the most thorough explanation of the different belief systems that I have ever found. It is very broad in scope and has an excellent spread of article for those that are curious about the faiths that exist. Well worth the time to visit, by all means.

Alternative Science
In a world where it is trendy to not believe something just for the sake of not believing, it is nice sometimes to look to a source where they give you a good reason to doubt that the Skeptic Fad isn't as unshakable as it pretends to be. Covering everything from the "science" of evolution to the questionable tactics of some skeptics, alternativescience.com has a refreshing outlook on life as we know it -- and startling, though implication. Well worth reading for those interested in the physics behind their magic, or related issues. "... intended as an antidote to the mechanistic reductionist viewpoint that is usually found elsewhere on the Net."

The Ancient Greek Esoteric Doctrine of The Elements
Covering the basic tenets of ancient Greek elemental philosophy first briefly, then successively with the proverbial fine-toothed comb, this site is an excellent reading for prospective elemenalist interested in learning more about the intellectual origins of the art of Elemental Magic.

The Playful Psychic
One of the largest resources on psychism, astral projection, and psionics, The Playful Psychic has a great deal of new age information laid out for the specific purpose of being an instructional tool. Well organised and voluminous, this site is full of ideas. Some of them seem sketchy, but that doesn't mean they aren't good imagination motivators. Definitely worth a look.

Though I originally chose to not include this link because of the potential confusion it could cause, it's here now anyway because of information that probably shouldn't be overlooked. PsiPog is an excellent resource for those that want to aim for real results in Temporal Psionics. It gets a little weird near the end talking about bio-feedback and psi balls, but otherwise is a rather stable and practical guide to telekinetics and telepathy. It's also the host of the previous link.

A Divination methods list and a quick history about them. Not the most reliable sources (mostly tertiary or worse, if you look at the Sources) but a good way to get popular opinions. The divination page, specifically, has been linked, but themystica.org is worth a look as well.

Night Magick
Though claiming a new name and giving certain interesting religious overtones to the art, "Night Magick" as presented on this page series seems to basically follow a convoluted outline of Magecraft. There is a lot of philosophy, jargon, and religion to hack through before you get to the elements of the art itself, but it is worth the effort if you have some spare reading time. Do note, though, that there are a lot of religions and philosophies mashed together to constitute this, so it does take some picking-through.

The Politics of Non-Being
Previously listed here as "Mysticism and Magic", a link for the Celestial Mage, this site has been totally revamped and given a wonderful new look, as well as a few new things worth looking into. A wonderful link for angels and Celestial spirits.

The House of Hekat
This site was created by a friend of mine [Hekat] as a personal page but it contains enough information about Magecraft to warrant its inclusion into the links page. For aspiring Mages who wish some more reading material (as most do), this would be a fine site to look at.

Magia Christiana
The authoritative site for Clerics that wish a bit more history on their art, the current debates, landmark essays, and other dainties. A "must see" for the studious Cleric. The only catch is that it offers no real solution as to the practical aspects of a Cleric's methods (though see the next link). Nevertheless, it's a great site.

The Christ and The Craft
This site fills in where the previous site misses. Between the two, there is sufficient sourcing and explaination to find a Cleric in good standing theologically, and mystically. Outstanding in its reasoning and sound argument.

Witchcraft and Wiccan Magick
This is, without a doubt, far better than any other Druid resource I have ever come across anywhere on the internet. This is quite simply a phenominal resource for anyone interested in natural magics of any sort. It has historical and modern information, and presents it very nicely in an easy to use format. The only discredits (all minor) are the annoying mouse trailers and the mild emphasis on rituals and Wicca. It isn't Wicca as in the "fluff bunny" sort that I and 3/4s of the occult community stand against, however. This is so close to Druidic magics that it can be interpretted as representing a lot of different nature arts. Don't let the title run you off.

Donald Tyson's Supernatural World
Despite the cheezy title and the old carnival-style banner on the first page, this author really has done his homework on the traditions of lore. It covers things from the perspective of a Ceremonial Magician (ritualist), but it has enough factual information to override any misgivings I had about it. It's a good crash course in hot topics of the occult.

Skeptic's Dictionary
Though most occultists would run from this kind of page at first sight, I really honestly believe it is very important for magicians to stop fooling themselves into believing things that aren't real and to start looking for the Why and How of magic. Be sure to use a skeptic's mind when approaching magic, as you'll save a lot of time and embarrassment in the process. Keep in mind the potential fallacy of anything, and take information you have not discovered on your own with a grain of salt.

West Gate Necromantic
Finally, a decent site covering various topics within Necromancy. It seems deeply rooted in Necromancy as a style of living or as a "raising the spirits" art (a quality imposed by early Roman Christendom, not true Necromancers), but it's still a definite interest site for Necromancers who need another way to waste time on the internet.

Spirit Online
A very tastefully done, visually appealling, overall "New Age" website. It is definitely a great start for people looking into the softer side of magic.

Aznewage New Age Encyclopedia
The Aznewage encyclopedia gives very brief descriptions of occultic terms and related jargon which may help to orient a lost beginner, or that will entertain and perhaps enlighten an experienced magician. Concise definitions are its strong point, but being too brief sometimes limits the scope of a term (such as the definition of Necromancy). Use at your discretion.

The Occultopedia
Though not extensive, the Occultopedia is quite a nice collection of general occult knowledge, with everything in a pleasant format. May I suggest Jukebox song K?

The Classics of Magick
I was impressed with this site. It is semi-decorative, but very to-the-point. It contains, as the name implies, the classic texts of magic (some of which are referred to at various points in The Library of Knowledge).

Twilit Grotto Esoteric Archives
Here's another tasteful grimoire site, containing portions or full-texts of many of the hard-to-find grimoires.

Other Resources

Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page (Text-Only Version)
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best viewing software for documents in PDF format. A great deal of occult texts are preserved in this format because fonts and images can be securely embedded into a document and may be uniformly viewed at any console. This makes such delicate things as sigils and drawings ideal to be converted to this format. The Keys of Solomon, and many other occult texts you may find on the internet, are encoded as PDFs (Portable Document Format).

Jarte Word Processor
A refreshing alternative to WordPad for users of the Windows operating system, Jarte has some of the best features you could ask for. My only misgiving about it is the lack of support for those that favour the use of footnotes over endnotes, but overall it has all the useful features of the larger more complex (and expensive) word processors but with none of the ridiculous clutter. It saves documents in RTF format, as well, not product-proprietary formats as Word Perfect and other such processors do. Ideal for keeping organized computer notes and for writing longer papers. Just try it. It's 100% free: no signups, no email validation or "short survey"s, no strange peripheral software, and can even be visually customized. Efficiency at its best.

Commercial Resources and Stores

The Fifth Element
After meeting one of the people that run this store through the IRC chatroom, I perused the site and definitely think it's worth a look. If you're in need of herbs or balms of whatever nature (Attention Healers) it's a great source to order from. Offering a wide variety of herbs, soaps, balms, and ointments, it has pretty much anything you could need in that way. Descriptions and pictures are included for all items and are available for honest prices.

www.misterart.com (Book of Shadows)
Any time I need a blank black sketchbook for writing up some new spells it's always a hassle to find one that's inexpensive, plain, durable, and yet looks good. The SoHo Sketch Book, however, is a wonderful item to make your personal Book of Shadows out of. It has a durable canvas cover, so you don't have to worry about an accidental drop or bump, strong unlined paper, is a decent size for carrying (I always get the 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 model), an Easy-Remove label to keep the clean sharp look, and yet can be in your hands for under ten dollars. The hard cover makes them ideal for keeping information unchanged over longer periods of time, and makes for an overall good book to use. It looks good, but keep that utilitarian edge to it that most people enjoy.

Magus Books
An online occult bookstore with a very wide variety. It even sells a few herbs, incense items, and things of that nature. It is mostly for books, and is a good resource if you're looking for introductory books to virtually any art.

Yes. I give in. The almighty Amazon.com gets a place on my links page. It's good because it allows for a very large selection of popular occult books and texts, if you have the money to spend on trying them. A very useful thing (suggested) is to read the Reader Reviews before buying a book. They are occasionally useful for determining if a book is what you expect before you buy it.

Search Engines

AvatarSearch - Search Engine of the Occult Internet
This is probably the best occult search engine. It usually finds what you want, and occasionally (not always) cuts through the "Bob's Web Site" garbage to prioritize the more important and useful resources in the top 10.

Not occultic in the slightest. It's just my favourite (and fastest) search engine.

PARAseek.com - The Paranormal Search Engine
With some luck, people sometimes find some interesting materials on Paraseek, but it should not be considered a first resource. It is actually meant for Sci-Fi junkies.

Another fairly nice occult search engine, similar to Avatarsearch (though not as extensive). It's worth a shot if you're looking for another decent occult search engine.

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