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Otherworld Sight: Vision Through the Veil of the Physical Continuum
by AdraMeleK
There is often confusion for the Diviner as to how one is supposed to "see" beyond the tangled skein we call "reality". How do we exercise this mysterious sixth-sense and comprehend the entirety of what is around us? Remote viewing, clairvoyance, and other feats of the Diviner must be understood before attempted. This article is an interesting look at the subject to attempt to explain how one is to approach this difficult field.

Defense Against the Divine
by Pharaon
Outlining the nine most effective techniques to strengthen the magician in defense of their consciousness. Utilizing the direct magic structure, this article addresses the issue of the banishing, assimilation, or annulment of divine entities. Useful for those interested in knowing how to deal with spiritual conflicts with entities without rushing off to find their copy of the Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram, it is a throughly enjoyable read.

Parting the Shadows: Understanding the Twilight
by NightCloak
The essentials of the dark realms of occultism, collectively coined "Twilight" by some, are very hard to understand even for the experienced sorcerer or sorceress. The purpose of this essay is to provide some grounding and direction on the nature of the Twilight realm and to give some context for the use of this phenomenon.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Duality
by Pharaon
Finding a functional definition for what exactly magic is can be one of the most frustrating things that an enthusiast or practitioner will run into while studying occultism due to the different views of morality and occult semantics that exist. This article addresses the influence of mysticism on occult definitions and attempts to set the record straight concerning the aims of magic and the aims of religion, where they meet, and where they diverge.

Metamancy and the Bewitchment of Perception by Means of Language
By Pharaon
Addressing the common confounding factor that magicians face when entering into occultism -- the nature of the language we use -- the metamancy article gives an excellent overview of how we might be able to grapple with the nature of language when confronting magic.

Clear Thinking in Magic
By Tomekeeper
Occultism is a stressful thing to study when one considers the enormous amount of information available. This article has condensed the four pillars of epistemology into usable points that the student of occultism can use to weed away the jargon from the sensible magic.

Our Name is Legion, for We are Many
by Pharaon
Taken from the viewpoint of a Direct Magic Summoner, the details of the implicit techniques of summoning are very neatly and concisely laid out. An excellent discourse concerning Summoning and the details that follow in that art.

Regarding the Astral
by David Zain
An excellent article on the nature and purpose of the astral plane (APL) from a wizard's point of view. Fully explaining the nature of the astral plane and the mechanics thereof, this is an essential article for those that would consider any mystic works of this nature.

Necromancy: The Art of Thanatos
by Michelle Belanger
This excellent essay is a virtual anthology of the influences on traditional necromancy and the development of the art though the ages. A solid and respectable piece of "facts and figures" research in a tastefully written manner. Definitely an enjoyable read.

The Human Magician Revisited
by Tomekeeper
A common sense approach to what it means to be a magician in your every day life. Worth reading to get a grip on the reality of what it is and is not to be an occultist.

Reclaiming the Legitimate Use of Rituals
by Tomekeeper
A treatise for the ritual magician who wishes to restore order to their practice and shed the bindings of oppressive systems.

Magical Adepts: A Trend Toward Elitism (Song of the Seraph)
by Tomekeeper
Taking a portion of the poem "Song of the Seraph", a short paper written on the mindset of the modern magician and their approach to knowledge.

The Book of Shadows: Creating Your Mystic Compendium
by Tomekeeper
Having witnessed the struggles that occult enthusiasts have in beginning with a spellbook, these are some practical ideas to help a person begin writing spells. Designed to take away the frustration and tedium from spellcrafting.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Liber Null and Psychonaut, by Peter Carroll
by "Jimmy"
A breakdown of the books "Liber Null and Psychonaut", written by Peter Carroll. Carroll's work is largely in Chaos Magic, and a reader has given it a decent breakdown and analysis for those interested in the work.

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