Greetings to all, and welcome to The Library of Knowledge. This is quite possibly the largest single online source for complete instruction and theory on the use of the direct magics. Every day we are being bombarded by energy; electric ions, neutrinos, light particles, sound waves, radio waves, magnetic fields, gamma ray radiations, ultraviolet ray, and x-ray constantly pummel our systems unnoticed and unheeded. On top of this is the force of gravity and other cosmic effects which we rarely stop to consider. Is it logical or arrogant to believe we have identified all energies that exist? Occult is about the full manipulation of energies beyond that which we currently know how to measure or detect, not the disruption of religion, and it is with this in spirit that we explore the unseen powers we know to exist by delving into the nature of that which we manipulate by Will.

I'm quite sure everyone out there knows how to use a basic library and this is no exception. Everything is categorized in different trees. Just go to what you want. I will post just about anything that is useful, so if you have interesting materials you wish to pass on, please upload them to the mail address at the bottom of this page. All shades of the magical arts are welcomed to submit materials (original works only. Do not send me URLs). Proper credit will be given in the appropriate places on submitted materials.

The Library of Knowledge is the original source of the Direct Magic Caster Classes on the internet. All the original work for this casting breakdown and sourcing started here and has been serving the general public since 1997 (even being accessible to certain groups since 1996). What is found here is the product of time and effort in two university libraries, one college library, a Canadian provincial archive, excerpts of ancient texts, internet sites (though sparingly on that), personal experience, and of conversation with long-time practitioners of each art respectively.

My hope is that you use the information in The Library of Knowledge and the wisdom in The Hall of Legions to further your study in a practical way, and that through the presentation of thoughtful and straightforward instructions on the casting magics that I will restore a sense of order to the relativistic, contextualist chaos that normally surrounds this subject matter.

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  1. [October 19, 2012] - My necromancy website, "Ars Falcis" (formerly ), has been killed by its draconian webhost, Brinkster. Feel free to write letters of discontent about the blatant religious discrimination and censorship that Brinkster is showing by telling me that, because my material is too dark to be associated with their brand name, they'd rather just kill the site entirely, or force me to buy a DNS so that their name isn't shown when my necromancy material shows up. We live in the 21st century. I thought we'd be past this point by now, but yes, magic is obviously too spooky for the people at Brinkster. ANYWAY. I'm taking all of the old material and wrapping it up into a book. To be fair, it has been a decade since I wrote that and it could afford some sprucing up, although I'm finding it to still be a rather good text. I'll make a bunch of noise about it when it gets closer to actually being on shelves somewhere, with information on how to get it. Thanks for everyone's ongoing concern, and seriously, tell Brinkster how you feel about the Ars Falcis site being forced down unless I give them money. They didn't cancel free accounts. It was just my account. Because they didn't want to associate their brand with my content, even though it had been there for almost 10 years without a problem already. Censoring assholes. Here's a transcript.
  2. [November 3rd, 2010] - After almost a decade, the IRC room has been released. Technically, someone else has it, but I am not going back to ask for it. It was a good run. I haven't had the free time in years to regularly maintain such a thing. A huge thank you to those that helped keep it going for so long. Also, my nickname is probably gone too but I'm not exactly concerned. I still use Gmail frequently and do respond to meaningful emails in case there is a need for contact.

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