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""So do you want to go to a real party?" - Jack Dawson

Janet's Titanic Page:  The Movie

Home Page

Main Cast of James Cameron's Titanic

Tribute to Celine Dion: The singer of "My Heart will go on"

Favorite Quotes from the Movie with Pictures

Keepers and Awards for my movie page




Janet's Titanic Fan Fiction:  All written by Janet Marie Smekar

Home Page- Rose Dawson: Her Heart does go on

Rose's life from her arrival on the Carpathia to her marriage to Calvert

An Ojai Widow:

Rose's last years and her letters discovered by Lizzy after the passing of Rose

Rose Dawson: Cedar Rapids

The story of Rose's first years of married life in Cedar Rapids

Rose before Titanic:

Rose's journal written after the sailing about part of her life before the boarding of Titanic

Links, Keepers, etc related to Janet's Fan Fiction

Rose aboard the Titanic:

Rose's journal about her Titanic experiences written after the sailing




Tribute to Titanic's Rose: Kate Winslet

"Quotable Kate" : Kate's Quotes and Kate Links

Tribute to my favorite Kate Film: Titanic

Filmography and Biography of Kate Winslet

Pictures of Kate Winslet





The Ship of Dreams: RMS Titanic (the history section)

My links: to my other webpages

Tribute to my favorite passengers aboard the ship

Books, etc on TITANIC

Quiz to take on Titanic trivia

Song lyrics to Come Josephine, Eternal Father, and Nearer my God to Thee

Other Titanic Historical Links

News, info, and Articles related to Titanic

Awards I won for the history page and Custom Graphics by "Miss Rose"

HOME Page to TITANIC History


Janet's TITANIC Art:

Simple Yet Beautiful!


Wallpapers and Banners
Movie and History Inspired Art
My Titanic Keepers and Awards Received for my various web pages!
Links to my web pages!



"Miss Roseís" Web Page Creations (Janet)

Janetís Titanic Page Ė the movie

Janetís Titanic Fan Fiction

The Ship of Dreams: RMS Titanic

Tribute to Titanicís Rose: Kate Winslet

All the Way: My Celine Dion Page

Janetís Beverly Hills 90210 Page

Believe: Janetís Detroit Red Wings Page

Janetís Dukes of Hazzard Page

A Rose by any other name: Romeo and Juliet 1996