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The Official *T.D* Battle Clan Site

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Strategies and Tricks: Advanced strategies for those who want to win.

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Current Clan Rank: N/A

Welcome to the official site of the Turbo Dragons (*T.D*) Battle Clan for Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. A Battle Clan is a group of players who are on the same side and fight against other groups. *T.D* has some very good players and I'm sure it will soon be a top ranked clan. This site will soon have new sections, and maybe even a new layout. Current sections are to the left.

These are our current clan members (email addresses are listed whenever possible):

SkiDragon (Clan Leader, Website Updater)

If you have Tiberian Sun and want to join, talk to SkiDragon and ask. A trial game is required.

View the Westwood Statistical Page for *T.D*!!
View an archive of all games played by *T.D* in this tournament season!!
View the Tiberian Sun Tournaments home page!!

Feel free to e-mail.


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Thanks to Dadx69 for submitting ideas.