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Brad Quest

Welcome to Brad Quest!

Brad Quest is essentially a choose-your-own-adventure story. The concept is simple. The narrator will tell you what's going on. Then, you will be given a number of choices. You control Bradís actions by clicking on one of the choices at the bottom of the screen. So, let the quest begin!

First off, you are Brad. It is the year 1998. You are a Communications major from Kentucky attending school at OC, which is in Oklahoma. You live in the on-campus apartments with Travis, Chris, and Noel. And Ross, although he doesnít technically live there. He lives in the dorms on the other side of campus. But he practically lives in your apartment.

But on with the quest. Basically, you have a three-page paper due tomorrow in one of your Communications classes. However, you donít want to do it. So, you have four options:

To work on your paper, click here.

To play Tecmo Super Bowl with Chris on Nintendo, click here.

To watch anime, click here.

To call Ross and see what he wants to do, click here.