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Wendell Heath & Family


Wendell Heath originally from Kimball, WV.
Well, I've been in North Carolina for approx. 17 years.
Did the school thing in WV first then moved south. Had the historically 
black college experience at North Carolina Central Univ.. (God knows I needed the experience).
Then jumped into the technology arena with computers for before moving 
into IT Management. (boy was I dumb)

Met my wife (Darleene) about 11 years ago and I've been married ever since.
I have 3 wonderful boys: Bradley Vanwood Heath (middle name after my dad's middle name)
Donovan Maurice Heath (middle name after my dad's first name)
Evan Lewis Heath (middle name after my grandmother Laura's maiden name)

Look forward to receiving information as it develops regarding a Heilig reunion.
That's the side of my family I do not have allot of information about.
I am limited in my knowledge of the Heilig family to those living in Kimball
along with the occasional visits from Uncle Norman and Buster.
Yea, I know they are not true uncles but they were like brothers to my grandfather.

My brother is in Atlanta doing his thing as a OB-GYN.
I'm very proud of him. His daughter (Morgan) lives in Durham with her mother.
A beautiful young lady. We've all been very fortunate and blessed.