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Drew -n- Cortnee's Snow Removel

Hi! And thank you very much for visiting our web page here at angelfire! This is Drew and Cortnee, from Canton Michigan. And we are here to offer our services for snow removel this winter for home and small bisness owners. We know how frustrating it can be to get up for work and realize that you can not get your car out of the driveway....or how about getting ready to open up shop only to realize that your loyal customers won't be able to make it up the walk to your store; or worse they won't want to due to the slippery cement! Every shop owners worse nightmare! Because it is only the two of us, we don't charge out ragous prices, unlike some of our competutours. But then, we only do side walks and driveways, and salting. And we only use shovels and snow blowers, no plows... But we do a good job, and we don't rape you with the cost. Also, we don't set one price for all our customers. And we work at just about anytime. Why you ask? Simple. Because time is money. It is 4am, it just stopped snowing, and your afraid the store might not get done in call us!!!!! Need the drive way snow blown, but don't need it salted? No problem!! Got half of it already done, but can't finish the rest? No problem!! Got it shoveled, only need it salted? No problem!!! Just let us know!!! Your happiness is number one!! Want more information?? Have a question??? Just want to drop us a line??? Please feel free to email us!!! We GUARNTEE you will recieve a reply within 24 hours!!! Thanks a ton!!! Cortnee and Drew **********DON'T FORGET TO SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK!!!*******