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By: Gary Beesley,PhA(ADSP)

PhotoArtist (And Damn Strange Person)


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April and May, 2000

A Rubber chicken on a beach. The other birds kept their distance....probably thought he was a decoy.

 Most of the time Oven Ready rode on the back of my bicycle. This fisherman statue had room on the front. I couldn't deny Oven Ready the right to be a Chicken In A Basket.

 After a hot day in the sand, Oven Ready was due for a shower. Mineral water was used....this rubber chicken is spoiled!

 I've seen puffed oats, puffed rice, and other foods which claim to be shot from guns... never seen puffed chicken before.


 This is how Oven Ready travels when not riding the bike.

He gets strange looks!


 The sign says: "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"

As modified, it should proclaim: "Chicken On A Hot Wood Frame"

 The Monroe County Sheriff demonstrates a major reason why chickens should NOT cross a road.

 The rental sign says: " Instead of Hiken, Go Biken". Oven Ready wants a sign saying: "Don't get sicken; eat hot dogs instead of chicken".


 He read the sign, and was quite impressed!

Next year he wants me to have posters made up regarding Chickens! Thats Show Biz!

 We found a place in the woods which had a wood tic problem. Oven RReady did not have a Quick Release Fastener... I returned hours later.

 Yes, the Conch Republic does have an office! They also have a website with a very interesting history! look them up!

 Being a tourist, Oven Ready had to poke his head through every picture with a head-hole-cut- out. (....Made me ashamed of even being seen with him!)

 At Blue Heaven they take Chicken very seriously. Where else could Oven Ready dance? .... he has rubber legs!

 Always ready for adventure, Oven Ready tried surfing.

 He took the sign too seriously.... he took a rest and waited for the wheelchair to arrive.

 At Long Key State Park we camped for over two weeks. Johanathan, a camper from two sites away, caught this six foot seven inch marlin.

 In a food fight, one has to put ones feelings aside.....CHICKEN IS FOOD! The sling shot is SIX FEET TALL!

 The bridge at Bahia Honda State Park has a part removed. Though he couldn't cross that road, he did note that it would be a great place to bungee jump.

 While riding bike in Key West, I saw a chicken in the have to point things out to youngsters. Oven Ready asked why the chicken crosses the road. ......wasn't ready for that question!

 Our camping was often interrupted at night by raccoons getting our food. We took turns being the Cooler Sentry.

 Do not try surfing like this! Oven Ready is a trained professional.......and he was attatched to his board.

 What a show! Ever see a surfer Hang Eight?........chickens don't have ten, eight is the best they can do.

 Earlier Oven Ready was in another cannon....this time there is someone ready to light the fuse.

 At John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park we found a playmate for Oven Ready. Cats don't always play well with chickens.

 Body surfing is a learned skill. This is an early stage of the learning process

 A peg-legged pirate caught Oven Ready on his hook.

 A shower for a dollar is cheap. He took the second option;....for Two dollars he was allowed to watch!

 At Jimmy Buffett's Margarittaville Cafe, Oven Ready had his first 'bar kiss'. He won't forget that day!

 I said 'dog walk'..... That was'nt any motivation ; he knows he's not a dog.

 In preparation for a large 'organized' food fight, Oven Ready hit the streets begging for food.

 He was quite good at food begging.... great arsenal for the food fight.

 Hammerhead sharks have little respect for rubber chichens!

 It was sundown and we had just got two hundred miles on the new bike. Had to take a picture.

 All the Campsites at Long Key State Park are ocean-front. We used this photo as our postcard to send home. In Michigan they were having a blizzard.

 Earlier I told you about a six foot sling shot....I wasn't kidding!

 At Coral Reef State Park we went snorkeling. They required that I wear a life vest....even though I'm a certified Master Diver/ Divemaster. Oven Ready wore me instead of a life vest... At least someone here is thinking!


 Rubber Chicken vs.Rusty Rooster.

Not a fair match!

 At Jimmy Buffett's store, Oven Ready felt right at home. He's a Chickenhead in a Parrothead environment.

 We really love this mural !!! The artist had the foresight to place a ledge on the waitress' hand! Do you think he anticipated our arrival? We think he did!

 Cheap airfare is one thing, but we had our own plan: Oven Ready was in a harness, strapped to a parachute. It sounds great (IN THEORY).... never got over thirty feet into the air!

 The fresh ocean breeze got out of hand a couple of times. This was Oven Ready's first flight.

 If you have a pet, you know how much they enjoy relaxing on your lap. Rubber chickens are no exception.


 Elvis turns up in the strangest places!

Oven Ready thought that Elvis had eaten one of his Gold Records.

 At this point of the trip I realized that like some tourists, Oven Ready found what appeared to be a love match.

Upstate ("The Northern Territory") we camped at a site only four hundred feet away from a 13' gator. Oven Ready didn't sleep well that night!


 Bahia Honda State Park....old railroad bridge.

This is frustrating to a chicken who wants to cross a road.

  Very rare photo of a rubber chicken belching underwater!

 Oven Ready "learning the ropes".

 In Key West its not uncommon to see tourists who can't get enough to drink.

 Piratess'(?) took Oven Ready hostage for awhile..... he had no complaints!

 Although Jimmy Buffett wasn't at the cafe, he was nice enough to buy our drinks....I think the bartenders have a soft spot for rubber chickens..

 Oven Ready loved views from high places. Kite flying was his favorite activity.

 Here he is with his 'stunt double' ...... ;they are discussing a sunset bungee jump from Bahia Honda bridge. This is the first of a series of four images.(#60,61and62)


 Oven Ready wearing his fishing rig. We found the right spot.

 He just wouldn't leave until I shot a picture of him in this lame tourist cut-out!

 The latest fashion craze among pirates is to replace their traditional parrot with a rubber chicken. Wonder if it will catch on?


 Its a station wagon; it has wood on it......Therefore, it is a woodie!

WRONG! We are from Michigan, don't try to fool us on auto trivia!

 Oven Ready checking-out the 'Other White Meat'.

(Second of series of four:) Oven Ready's stunt-double at the apex, about to fling into the air for the sunset bungee jump.

 (Third in a series of four:) YES! He JUMPPED!.......(everyone together now.... call out encouragement!)................ "FLY!"

 (fourth in series of four) Newton was correct. We are all subject to gravitational pull.

 He's a rubber chicken, but he still appreciates long legs!

 Practice pays! Rubber chickens do body surf!

 It was rated as one of America's Best Beaches, but Oven Ready still appears to be a beach bum.


 If you are familiar with the old movie DR. STRANGELOVE, this picture of Dr. Strangechicken could mean something to you.


 We recognize this as armor...., to a chicken it looks a bit too much like a barbecue griller. Oven Ready was not comfortable there!

 Oven Ready was giggling a lot about this picture, he said:"Dogs walk; Chickens squat" A>

 This is a classy trash can from Key West.

 Bahia Honda bridge wasn't the only place to bungee jump! Oven Ready found this spot in Key Wet.

 Earlier, did you see the series of four bungee jump images? This is a bonus picture. View of a chicken bungee jumping,as seen from underwater.

 Still flying on his kite.

 The fashion statement that's sweeping the Conch Republic. {Parrots are out; Rubber Chickens are in!}

 This is a picture that Oven Ready hates. He finds it chilling.

 In spite of the restrictions, Oven Ready still enjoys the great outdoors.

 Even with his scratchy voice, Oven Ready just loves singing blues.

 Gorilla My Dreams

 Chicken riding the curl.

 In a seashell you can hear the ocean!

 His last bungee jump was special. Its called the Key West Crossover Twist.

 Oven Ready Wasn't sure what he was doing wrong, but he did observe the mandate to STOP.




 Similar to Goldilocks and her three bears. Oven Ready and His Three Bears.

 Oven Ready really loved the neighbors who camped nextdoor! Barbara and Jack (Campground Hosts..... not pictured), the girls from Americorps (not pictured), and our favorites from Pennsylvania!

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44 Rubber Chicken Images from our camping/fishing trips to the Florida Keys in 2001 and 2002

This is the Classic/2000 Edition, ......over eighty images from the Florida Keys......Required Viewing!!! This is OvenReady At His Best, before he got clothes!

Don't get mixed up, this isn't San Salvador in Central America. This San Salvador is a Club Med in the Bahamas. About twenty pictures here. ....... First attempt at making a website.

You may have been laughing at my use of the moniker: PhA (ADSP)..... Whelp, this is what I was doing as Art. I never said Fine Art....I do Crude Art and am not ashamed.

If you are a youngster, or the parent of one, you know what Flat Stanley is all about. If neither, take a peek! 

Just some photos, with a bit of a twist or quirk.

Underwater. I own a simple underwater camera (Hanimex Anphibian), I took it to the right water and got sharks, submarines, divers and water closets

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