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Pipers Prancing Poodles supplies

These are links to the wholesaler and suppliers I use.

I love the JB shampoo and conditioner, clean almond scent, works great, and not over priced. They also have cows ears(search "ears" on their site). Cows ears are much healthier and less greasier then pigs ears.

Formally New England Serum. Great prices on toys, treats, clippers and such.

The Complete Standard Poodle
by Eileen Geeson , Great informational book, A Must for all Standard Poodle owners present and future.

Eukanuba Dog Food
This is what we feed our dogs and puppies. You will also find alot of useful tips for caring and training.

AKC Kennel Club Homepage
Here you'll find out all about AKC and who they are.