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*Puppy mills and Backyard kennels: breed their dogs in quantity for the money, which inturn results in poor quality, along with serious health problems. Many of these breeding stock poodles are purchased solely to make money, the pedigrees and dogs are not tested for any genetic faults. They are raised in unclean and unfit conditions. Many of these pups leave their previous kennels and go to the new place of sale without the proper vaccinations and are highly subseptible to many diseases. These are the pups you see in pet stores and discount pet supply stores. Please do not support this un-humane breeding practice, The more I can inform people the less puppymills will sell, eventually no one will buy from them and be forced to stop their breeding programs. Buy from a reputable breeder. Remember,you always get what you pay for.

Please read my Disease and Reputable Breeders page also. Thank you for reading.