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Pipers Prancing Poodles, Puppies, Stud, Miniature Poodles

Piper's Prancing Puppies

Call or email for availability

(810)-346-3076 or (810)-614-7183

We have moved!

1 blue female and 1 silver-beige male available

Pet* puppy prices start at $1500.00,Show prospects start at $3000.00

Shipping is $350.00 VIA Northwest,Delta or American Airlines (if needed)

Your puppy will be socialized to noise, kids, bathing, grooming and travel during his/her first weeks with us.

All puppies will be up to date on shots and worming.

All puppies are groomed into a puppy clip before leaving and are micro-chipped "AVID friend-chip". They will also have a random puppy pack of stuffed toys, sqeaky toys, chew toys, balls, Food starter kit and puppy tips.

Things you will need to purchase include, food and water bowl, shampoo (Johnsons baby shampoo is perfect and gentle). A crate or kennel, 300 size/medium will keep the puppy through adulthood. You will want a crate pad or blanket and Eukanuba puppy small breed food. If the puppy is shipped the kennel is included.

If you are driving to pick the puppy up, it is good to bring paper towels, grocery store bag and a towel just incase the little one gets car sick on the way home.

*Pet puppies are sold just as that. They are sold on a spay/neuter conract and MUST be spayed/neutered by the time they reach 6mths old. We do include a 26mth genetic health guarantee against Hip Displasia,Elbow Displaysia,PRA,LCP,Patellas and vVwD. On occasion a Pet puppy may have a cosmetic fault such as oversized, undersized, mismarked, overbite, underbite or an umbilical hernia which is all considered cosmetic and raise no concerns as to their over-all health. I believe it is my job as an honest & ethical breeder to inform potential families of a cosmetic fault in a puppy before they purchase the puppy.


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