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Piper's Prancing Photos

The poodles on this page are not for sale

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Am. Can. Ch. Amity's Sigma Chi Austin Healey AKA:Austin

Miniature: Austin was born January 21, 2004. Austin finished May 22,05 at 16 months old with 4 majors. Austin is a blue miniature poodle with a great personality. He is a laid back guy with a soft heart. Austins test results are as follows:

OFA "Good"

Patellas "normal"

Optigen "A /normal"

CERF passed

LCP "normal

Ash's Mystical Midsummer Eve AKA: Calypso

Miniature: Calypso was born July 19, 2004. Calypso is a brown miniature with a zesty personality. She is a clown, always doing something new to make us laugh. Very smart very easily trained.Calypso's test results are:

Optigen is "A /clear"

Vwd "clear"

testing to be done

Ash's Mystical Jst Sa Charge it AKA: Cedar

Cedar and Calypso aka: Sunshine-girls (half-sisters)

Miniature: Cedar was born January 27, 2005. She is a great little puppy who loves everyone who comes in the door. She is Very social and adjust quickly to new environments. Cedars tests results are:

Optigen "Clear/A"

Vwd "clear"


testing to be done

Piper's Miss Hootie Sunshine AKA: Hootie

Miniature: Hootie is our silver female. She was born on August 16th, 2005. We welcomed her into our home at 8 weeks old, where she fit right in with the others. She is fun, energetic and amazingly does not back down from the older dogs in play, yet knows when to be submissive. Testing results:

Optigen "Clear/A"

vWD "Clear"

OFA prelim "good"

CERF "normal"

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Zenzastional Look at me "Zora"


Ash's Mystical a Perfect Pick: "Cucumber"

Ash's Mystical "Pipers" Prance

Retired Standard Poodle: Piper (born 6/5/99) is our Blue standard female. Her grandfather is Ch. Maefare Barclay. She is 22" and weighs 40 lbs. Piper is our little princess. She has a very outgoing personality, she loves to go everywhere and meet new people and dogs (including the vets). Piper had her 4th litter of pups January 7,05 and was a great mommy. We have now retired her and she will stay here as the "Queen Poodle".

This page was last updated September 29th, 2005