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Our Home & Family

Almost seven years later, I am still enjoying the whole process of the puppies, from birth to the day my wee ones go home with their new families. People always ask "How do you do it? How do you give them up after you take care of them all that time". It is honestly still hard and I shed a few tears when they leave. However, The smiles these puppies bring to their new families are priceless. When young and old alike are smiling from ear to ear like its Christmas morning for them, I know in my heart I have truly done something worth doing.

Now a little about our family. I am a stay at home mom of 5 great boys (Jon 15 yrs, Josh 13 yrs, Gage 11 yrs, Cole 9 yrs & Noah 4 yrs), 6 beautiful standard & miniature poodles (Piper, Austin, Calypso, Cedar and Mandee), 2 cats (Tonka & Tux) & a husband (Craig) of 15 yrs. My husband is in the building and construction business. I have always been an animal lover(of all kinds). I had a very special chocolate miniature (Charlie) that I received as a Christmas gift from my dad when I was 11yrs old. Once I was married I found myself taking in strays and rescues. I provided them with needed health care and love first and then placed them in loving homes. Once all my boys were old enough to attend school I decided to follow the dream of showing, breeding and providing families with top quality, genetically healthy poodles. Enjoy the photos.

As of 5/22/05 we finished Austin, he is an American & Canadian Champion.

Our home

This is where the family romp and play.

The boys up north(Jon,Josh,Gage,Cole,Noah) October 1st, 2005

My girls loving it up north, summer 2005

Jon at the lake (he'll love that I put this up)summer 2005

Josh staying cool, summer 2005

Cole tubing on the river up north. summer 2005

My 5 boys & my niece camping 2004

Cole playing with the pups. 2004

Mystical Charmed Lord Leo, The nicest dog created(now placed in a wonderful home, He will always be missed and loved, but never replaced).