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Piper's Prancing Poodles Contract

This contract is made between Piper's Poodles / Kimberly Dailey and ______________________________________on the _____ day of__________.



AKC re#____________________

Birthdate: ________________


Limited/Full _________________

Micro chip#_____________________

Purchase price: U.S. $______________

Our Responsibilities to you & our guarantee

Your puppy comes with a 26 month health guarantee for PRA(eyes), hip dysplasia, vWD, legs-calve-perthes & elbow dyplasia from birth date stated above. If a problem does occur it must be verified with our vets before replacing with one from another litter when available for no charge other then shipping. Breeder can only be held responsible for up to 50% of the price of said pup if you wish to keep the puppy instead.

Your puppy is up to date on shots when you take him/her home. Do not give any shots until the due date stated on health record or this guarantee will become null and void. This is to prevent over-vaccinating your puppy which can cause additional illness and possible death.

Please take your pup to a licensed DVM within 48 hours after recieving her/him to guarantee his/her health and check or get started on Heartworm, Lyme Disease and a Flea program.

SPECIAL NOTE TO VETS: This breed has been known to have major re-actions to Lepto. If Lepto is needed in the area, give seperately , DO NOT give in a combination shot. We are only stressing this due to the health and welfare of our poodles.

We do the utmost to correctly identify the color and size that you pup should be when fully grown. No guarantee is given to color and size. Iams or Euckanuba dog food is best to feed

Your Responsibilities to Us & Your Puppy

Buyer has 48 hours to return the said puppy/dog if they have a licensed DVM record that this puppy is sick or unhealthy in anyway.

Buyer agrees to provide any necessary veterinary services and grooming to maintain a healthy dog.
Buyer agrees to continue feeding Iams or Eukanuba dog food. (Available at Grocery,Walmart,Sams Club,Petco,Pet Suppy Plus almost everywhere dog food is sold.)
Buyer agrees that this dog is an inside house dog and will not keep him/her outside or in a kennel.
Buyer will agree to contact Pipers Poodles if transferring the said dog to a new owner.

Puppy is sold on a limited registration. Buyer understands that Pipers Poodles holds AKC papers until proof of spaying or neutering of said pup.

If said puppy/dog is not spayed or neutered by the time he/she reaches 6 months Seller reserves the right to take possession of said puppy/dog.

Next vaccination due on or after _________________

Buyer signature _____________________________

Seller Signature _____________________________