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Havekost Family History / Genealogy
This site is your guide to our webpages devoted to the surname Havekost Family History and Genealogy.
We have been researching since 1989, finding Havekost family connections from our native Germany.
A highlight was a Havekost family reunion in 1995 featuring 124 attendees from eleven different states and Germany!

My Havekost Family Pages
  • Havekosts to America A history of the original Havekost Immigrant families to America

  • Havekost Social Security Death List

    Havekosts on the Web
  • Roy Havekost (NJ), A member of the NY Havekost branch, adding some info to that family tree.

  • Roger Havekost, (TX),, Attorney, San Antonio, Texas, from the Texas line of Havekosts.

  • Political Graveyard: John Havekost, NE State Treasurer, 1872-1950

  • Frauke Havekost,Germany, Homepage

  • June Havekost Real Estate Consultant, Rocklin, CA

  • Eberhard Havekost Artist, Dresden, Germany

  • Udo Havekost, Artist

  • Rene Havekost, Artist, Hamburg, Germany

  • Mike Havekost University of Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Webmaster: Brent Havekost
    Monroe, Michigan
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