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                                                 Lauren's Complaints

This page is kinda like Allison from Chickzrock but only about my complaints about my brother, Ian, and his friends. (Not really, just the first entry is)

Complaints for July 13
My brother and his friend Bill, or Ghetto Bill as my friend Melissa and I so happily put it, used MY fan that my mom got me for band camp. Ian (my bro) didn't ask me and worst of all, BILL STARTED PUSHING THE BUTTONS! The nerve of that kid! I don't want him touching my stuff! He totaled his Rabit (his car, yeah, that's the name of the car!) and now Ian is taking him everywhere! I can see why everyone makes fun of him where he works! (Shopko) I'll put a pic of him and my bro. And to think, he thinks I have a crush on him! He's the dorky one looking at the camera. I'm surprised he didn't break it!