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Welcome to the Mili Moje Home Page!

On September 5, 2000 Helen Kotur started the Mili Moje e-mail group
and shortly thereafter made me (Ren Miller) List Moderator!

Helen started this list out of her great love for animals and people.
She wanted an e-mail list to exist where folks could gather to
discuss their house pets in an open, friendly, caring manner.
I'm happy to say that all of the current members of
the Mili Moje mail list heartily agree that she succeeded beautifully!

Mili Moje means "dearest to my heart" and that's what this site and our e-mail list is all about!
At Mili Moje our beloved pets are dearest to our hearts, along with our family and friends.
Here at our web site you'll find pictures of our pets along with stories about them and our list members.

If you'd like to join the Mili Moje mail list we welcome new members who are
interested in a friendly e-mail list where discussions about all house pets are welcome!

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