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Who're Hot?

We think that the following people really deserve a small place at our site:

Who're Not?

These people should really stay in their houses and leave us alone:

Who're We?

M7 stands for Mild (or Maastricht) Seven. In 1997 an election was held in the capital of Limburg (The Netherlands). The 7 horniest male citizens were chosen out of a group of 145,000 people, and they joined in what's now called the 'M7'.

If you want to take a look at their good-looking faces, or if you want more specific information about our members, click our logo.

Contact us

If you want to receive more information about the M7, or you want to comment on the site or the 'who're hot' or 'who're not' pictures, please go to Contact M7-page. From here, if you qualify to certain demands, you'll be able to send us an e-mail.

Our links

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