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Harry Potter - 2000 / 2001

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July 2000
For anyone who’s read the books and knows something about Harry’s developing love life, I’m rooting for Harry and Ginny!

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

October 20, 2000
The first Harry Potter drawing I’ve done for a long time! It’s Harry’s group of friends, including Ginny in the front. I might do it in color, but so far it is just black and white.

Harry, Ginny, Ron, And Hermione

October 20, 2000
Harry rescuing Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry And Ginny In The Chamber Of Secrets

January 10, 2001
Ginny wearing the Sorting Hat on her first day at Hogwarts. She’s so little and cute! Awww.

Little Ginny In The Sorting Hat

February 14, 2001
Ginny, under Voldemort’s spell, in the Chamber of Secrets playing with the snakes. Hisssssssss.

Possessed Ginny

February 21, 2001
Harry Potter and friends “Think Spring.”

Harry, Ginny, Ron, And Hermione “Think Spring”

March 4, 2001
Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione stargaze.


March 4, 2001
Harry takes little Ginny for a ride on his Firebolt.

Riding The Firebolt

February 22, 2001
It’s hard for a little girl to be away from home for the first time! Ron is a noble big brother and comforts Ginny when she misses Mum.

Ron Comforting His Little Sis

March 10, 2001
Harry and Ginny splashing around in the Prefect’s tub after hours. Lucky Harry, having the password!

Harry and Ginny In The Prefect’s Tub

March 11, 2001
Draco and Ginny at the Yule Ball, from my fanfiction "Draco's Desires", found in the Harry Potter Fanfiction link. Draco looks a little funky, but for my first try at him it’s not bad. Hey, at least he looks evil!
Color editing by Lilly Black: HERE

Draco And Ginny

March 11, 2001
Ginny and Ron as tiny children. Ron is probably a pre-schooler, but Ginny is still a toddler. Awwww!

Little Ginny And Ron

March 13, 2001
Harry teaches Ginny how to catch the Snitch on a lovely spring evening. He’s holding onto her shirt to keep her from plummeting off her broom in her excitement. I colored this one on the computer, but something funky happened to Harry’s face coloring when it was uploaded. But you get the idea.

Harry Teaches Ginny The Art Of Catching The Snitch

March 13, 2001
The black and white version of the above drawing. Some of the detail was lost in the colored version.

Harry Teaches Ginny The Art Of Catching The Snitch (Black and White)

March 14, 2001
Updated 3/13/03: The controversial Bohemian Ginny picture! It was suggested that this drawing was too "devilish" and should be in the PG-15 Gallery, but after taking a poll, it was decided that Ginny would stay where she is. Just let it be known that absolutely nothing is intended by this drawing. The devil horn headband is just a fun accessory from Claires. The original description follows. This was drawn late at night, and I was in an anti-ex-boyfriend mood. This is “Bohemian Ginny,” but she looks more like me, I think, wearing my sequined devil horns and holding my sparkle wand!

Bohemian Ginny

March 14, 2001
The girls acting like nutters, and the guys wondering just what the heck is going on. They just don’t get girls! Another late night creation, obviously.
Color editing by Lilly Black: HERE

Ginny and Hermione, Certified Nutbars

March 16, 2001
My Protest Piece for more Ginny action in Book 5. Disclaimer: The thoughts in the protest comic are not necessarily the feelings of the drawer. She did like Book 4 very much. :)

Ginny’s Protest Comic

March 16, 2001
From "Draco's Desires". Moaning Myrtle, Ginny, and Draco peer into the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets after Ginny opens it again.

Re-Opening The Chamber Of Secrets

March 19, 2001
After reading many discussions about the combining of RENT with Harry Potter, this is the drawing I’ve done. It’s pretty self-explanatory if you know RENT. Draco is playing Angel, because he’s pretty like that.

Rent Rent Rent Re-ent Rent!

March 31, 2001
From “Draco’s Desires.” Harry and Ginny on their way to Hogwarts under the invisibility cloak.

Night Traveling

March 31, 2001
From “Draco’s Desires.” Draco and Ginny in the magical pool in the Chamber of Secrets.

Soaking In The Pool

April 4, 2001
From “Draco’s Desires.” Ginny, very snakelike, holding the resurrected baby.

Ginny And Voldemort’s Heir

April 10, 2001
Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy’s Portrait

April 18, 2001
From “Draco’s Desires.” Draco, Harry, and Ginny in their green robes in the Chamber of Secrets. They are very evil right now.

The Heirs To Slytherin

April 19, 2001
From “Draco Malfoy Promises…” Draco holds baby Nathaniel.

Draco And Nathaniel

May 3, 2001
From “Draco Malfoy Promises...” The cast of my latest fanfic, except for Thomas who refused to behave and let me draw him. They all look pretty cute, despite the fact I’m retched at drawing hands and bodies. Arg! Hermione is especially cute, no? She looks awfully cozy with Harry, which really isn’t supposed to happen, but it’s still cute. lol Enough rambling.

The Draco Malfoy Cast!

May 15, 2001
From “Sorcerer’s Stone” when Harry first meets Draco in the robe shop. This is right after Draco spots Hagrid. “I think he’s brilliant!” “Do you?” I love how Harry has a chibi look to him. So cute. And Draco is a good deal shorter than Harry is, since that's how I always picture him. :)

Draco And Harry, Adorable Eleven-Year-Olds

May 16, 2001
From “Draco Malfoy Promises...” Draco has a memory of grammar school when the other kids all laughed at him. He sent snakes after them as revenge. Here’s tiny Draco at nine-years-old.

Revenge Of The Laughed At

May 19, 2001
A scene from a role play game I used to be in where I played Ginny. Peeves grabbed her and carried her through the school until he eventually dumped her right in the middle of the Potions lessons practically in Harry’s lap! Snape was NOT happy, to be sure.

Ginny ‘Drops’ In (Color)

Ginny ‘Drops’ In (B & W)

May 26, 2001
Inspired by "An Early Encounter" by Kate S. on, which I'm not sure still exists anymore. Draco and Ron both run away from home and meet up together. They go to McDonalds and get little toy cars in their Happy Meals. This picture is based on them playing with these toys in the park bushes.

“An Early Encounter” (Color)

“An Early Encounter” (B & W)

May 26, 2001
I had a desire to draw Draco and Ginny together with pixie wings.

Draco and Ginny – Little Pixies (Color)

Draco and Ginny – Little Pixies (B & W)

May 18, 2001
A Friday morning staff meeting. On some Fridays I have to get up way early to be at work at 8:30 to sit around and listen to people talk. The way I see it you’re either sleeping (Ginny), grumpy (Draco), out of it (Harry w/giant coffee mug), loopy (Ron), or Management (Hermione w/an adjusted nameplate courtesy of her friends). Ahhh…long live the staff meeting! lol

Staff Meeting

June 11, 2001
A picture drawn as a gift for Hally Lilian Potter from She wanted a drawing of Harry and her character Hally, Harry's twin sister for her profile picture. Here is what I came up with.

Harry And Hally (B&W)

Harry And Hally (Color)

June 19, 2001
This is a bizare drawing of "Machine Gun Toting Ginny" from A Slash Fic Gone Bad... by Erin on It's a cute parody about really bad Harry/Draco fics. Often Ginny is seen doing something completely nutty and out of character, thus she bursts in in camo with a machine gun.

Machine Gun Toting Ginny

June 21, 2001
From "Draco Malfoy Promises..." It's from the last chapter. Ginny has had a bit of an accident and Draco and Ron went a bit hysterical. They're being carried by Snape and Tom Riddle since they're quite sedated and wouldn't be able to walk straight. Left To Right: Harry carrying baby Nathaniel, Snape carrying Draco, Tom Riddle carrying Ron, and Hermione. Hermione is the only one who looks at all happy, since she was proud of herself for buying some Muggle airline tickets. Also, I was playing with Draco's hair, so he looks a bit different from how I usually draw him. My, I'm long winded!

The Draco Malfoy Group In The Airport

June 21, 2001
This is Harry and Draco playing a 'friendly' game of Quidditch. They don't look all that upset with each other, so maybe they're pals at this point. :)

Harry And Draco Play Quidditch

June 27, 2001
The Harry Potter Kids having fun at the beach. Hermione's got her "A History Of Hogwarts" book, Ginny's being cute, Harry and Ron are shooting each other (and Draco) with squirt guns, and Draco is miserably sitting under an umbrella with high SPF sunscreens, trying not to get burned. Ahhh, the joys of summer!

Summer Fun

June 28, 2001
A random Draco sketch. He and Ginny are sitting around watching a Shirley Temple Movie. Ginny: "Shirley Temple Movies always make me cry!" Draco: "These spaghettios have MEATBALLS in them! *!?*$#!!!" Basically, it's just a nonsensical day in the life of Draco.

Shirley Temple And *GAG* Meatballs

August 27, 2001
A picture of Percy and Ginny based on the stories Harry Potter and the Day of Dreams and Harry Potter and the World of Change, both by Fanfiction.Net writer Ady. They're absolutely fabulous! If you want to know why I call them the "Lost Weasleys", read the stories. They're worth it!

The Lost Weasleys

July 1, 2001
Old drawings from a large wallpaper I made. Here they are separately. Drawing back from July.

The HP Gang In Hogwarts Robes

October 31, 2001
My halloween drawings of the HP kids.

The Halloween HP Gang

November 18, 2001
I took this drawing to the Harry Potter movie with me and flashed it at a bunch of Anti-Draco kids! Fun fun stuff! Anyway, he turned out really cute, so here is a smaller version of the large poster thing.

"Draco Malfoy Forever!"

November 20, 2001
This is the drawing I did for a story on called A Little Touch Of Harry In The Night" by Morien Alexander. (Alas, I think it's no longer there.) Draco is insane and Harry looks after him. It's so sweet! Here is Draco sleeping in Harry's lap. Awwwww!

Harry Comforts Draco

November 22, 2001
The Thanksgiving picture. I figure they don't have Thanksgiving in England, so they're marveling eating this turkey in the middle of November. I know they're looking at it like they've never seen a turkey before, but they're still cute. lol
Color editing by Lilly Black: HERE

A Harry Potter Thanksgiving

November 22, 2001
On Thanksgiving, we watched Billy Elliot and unfortunately for Draco...I started to draw. Here is with Harry as his partner (who looks like he'd rather be having dental work).

Dance, Draco, Dance!

November 27, 2001
This is a scene from Book 2 that stuck out in my head. This is right after the Quidditch game where the Rogue Bludger won't leave Harry alone. Poor wittle Draco has just been yelled at by Flint.

"Malfoy Didn't Seem Very Happy"

November 27, 2001
Edited April 2002. Now that I've finally gotten the knack of drawing Tom Riddle, I re-did Tom in this picture that I posted earlier. Here is the original description: From "Seeker Of Souls". This drawing hasn't really happened, but it's just supposed to illustrate how Tom Riddle totally dominates Draco in all ways. He's supremely evil, no?
Color editing by Hailey: HERE


November 28, 2001
From "Seeker Of Souls". Why do Harry and Draco always seem so linked? What does the Sorting Hat know that they don't? See the "Draco's Desires" section for the story.

The Sorting Hat's Prophesy

December 31, 2001
Last drawing of the year! The Harry Potter kids ring in the new year in style!

Happy New Year 2002!!
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